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Which is the Most Important Card in the Tarot deck?

What do you reckon?

Which is the one card, or perhaps 2 or 3, that are most important?

Perhaps the Fool and the World- containing the entire major arcana journey with in them?

Perhaps the 4 aces, representing all 40 cards of the minor arcana?

Maybe the kings- showing mastery over the 4 suits?

My experience leads me to believe that the most important cards are different for each of us, and they are the cards we either hate, just don't get, or overlook. Because these cards tell us something very important about ourselves- and in the end that is the most valuable way to use Tarot, for self knowledge.

"Hate". A strong word, and lots of people tell me "I don't hate any card, they all have a strength and beauty". I do understand that, but I am asking you to look at the cards from a personal viewpoint. Throw away the books & learning- look at the pictures and connect.

Which card do I hate? Easy, the Queen of Cups. Wishy washy, over sentimental, lacking in boundaries, always a little late, a little lost. She'd be best described as a ditzy blonde. God she annoys me. All that "psychic connection"

I have come to accept her a little better, as I have accepted myself. As I have allowed myself to be emotional, tightened up my boundaries, started to relaise that I am psychic & intuitive. I still can not bear to be late. ever. And drive my family mad by insisiting we are always very early. I try to be focused, but mostly it is an illusion. I am at heart quite ditzy.

Allow yourself to hate a couple of cards, and meet your shadow.

Just Don't Get.

When I researched for my book I worked on a card a week. Part of the process was to gaze at each card, and write a list of the symbols I saw. I wanted to see the cards with fresh eyes.

When I gazed at the 6 of cups I felt sick, and than got a very nasty migraine. No matter how hard I looked I just couldn't untangle the symbols. That card took me three weeks to write about, and I could probably have written a whole book about the card. The more I looked the deeper I fell, and the darker the symbolism became, The card helped me to accept and let go a lot -mostly about my childhood, and it is often a key card in many of the readings I do professionally. If you'd like to read my blog about the 6 of cups you can take a look here


When I got to the High Priestess in my research I started writing with out gazing at the card first. I was surprised, this was the first time I had done this, surely that was significant.

So I set time aside to gaze, and realised. This was Hel staring back at me. With my Norse path I regularly work with Hel, she is my main patron and I love visiting her for guidance & inspiration. It was lovely to see her reflected so perfectly in a card, but why had I not noticed it before? It was all linked to my rejection of the queen of cups, and it really helped me to get to know this deeper side of the High Priestess.

Why is the High Priestess Hel- Partly the connection with Persephone (another Goddess of the underworld) through the pomegranates on the curtain. Also through the black & white pillars- Hel is portrayed with half her face living, and half dead. Yin & yang personified.

So, time to find your most important Tarot cards.

Get your deck, and go through each card one at a time.

Sort them into piles. Find those that you love, or understand and put them to one-side. Keep going through your cards until you are left with just a couple that you do not get, realise you have overlooked, or really don't like.

These are your most important cards, I suggest you get to know them- they are very helpful cards in unlocking your own understanding & your understanding of the entire tarot deck.

If you'd like to learn more about the Tarot take a look at my e-books on amazon. Yhey include detailed information about the cards, with the intent that they will help you to find your own personal understanding in each image. Take a look here

From Tarot Confusion, to Tarot confidence with Maddy Elruna as your guide.

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