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When Death means Death, and we need to tell a client.

I firmly believe that the 78 tarot cards can reflect every experience within humankind.

That includes rape, abuse, loss, destitution & death. And if you are intending to read tarot as a professional my advice is to be prepared to cover these topics at sometime.

As a professional Tarot reader my ideal is to offer my client whatever it is they most need to know, using the wisdom of the tarot to guide me. I have read several times from readers that they don't predict death. But what if predicting death is exactly what your client most needs to know?

I had a reading a couple of months ago. The usual life complications with job, family, housing, and a close personal friend which my client hoped could become a relationship at some time. The friend had withdrawn and my client wanted to know was this an ending, or a pause.

I am quite happy to read for "third party" readings if I believe the focus is on my clients understanding, so I set the reading out. The main cards for this friend were the 9 of swords, death & 10 of swords. When I asked for clarity I got the 3 of swords & fool. The cards, and my intuition, told me this was someone seriously considering suicide.

I phrased it gently. Suggested he was in a difficult place, carefully placed the idea that I thought his life was in danger. As is so often the case - her intuition was aware of this, and though upset she was not surprised.

The next part of my job was to guide my client how to help him, they were already in a "complicated" friendship, and she had a lot of difficulties in her life. So I asked the cards- how could she best help him.

2 pentacles (I often see this as distraction) ace of swords (spoken word) ace of cups (unconditional love). My reading of the three cards together was that she respected his need for space, but sent him messages/letters reminding him he was in her thoughts. He was loved.

I am sharing this because so often as readers we are never quite sure where our clients journey has led. This client recently emailed me to say her friend had made contact. He had shared that he had indeed been through a very difficult time, and had considered suicide quite deeply. At his darkest moments her messages- reached out with no expectation of return contact- had been the only ray of light through those times.

I am sharing this because it was a daunting reminder how my job can hold peoples lives, and have an influence in ways more profound than I am aware of at the time.

I am sharing this as a shout-out to the many other hard working Tarot professionals who quietly help others through dark & difficult times. And as a gentle reminder to anyone who thinks having a cursory understanding of the cards is good enough to start charging.

So often the consequences of a Tarot reading are ripples spread through a life, connecting with many. many others. Her message was a humble reminder of why I always take such great care with my tarot readings.

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