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The easiest way to understand Court cards?

I love the court cards, they are my favorite group of Tarot cards.

I see Tarot reading as engaging in some one's life story, as a Tarot reader I try to help my client understand their story. So in many ways court cards are the most useful cards- they literally bring the spread to life.

So here are my top tips for the court cards;

  • Think of the court cards as a set.

There are 16 court cards. How do you understand the knight of wands? By understanding how he is similar, yet different to the other knights. And the other wands.

I always teach the court cards by comparing all 16, find how each card is similar, yet different.

Each card is easier to understand with in the group of court cards.

  • Think as the Court cards as individuals

We are all people experts (yes-even the madly introverted ones). We can all read body posture, and make connections based upon faces & clothes.

Now I know this won't work on every deck (the Wild Wood has animals for example) but if your deck-like the Druid Craft- has people then when you get a court card in a reading try to connect with the person in the card.

Are the looking at you? Are their eyes open? Do they seem comfortable, confident, relaxed?

  • Describe what you see.

My number one tip for readers block (and we all get it from time to time) Is to describe -out loud if you can- exactly what you see in the card. Pretty soon you'll realise the words you are saying hold a deeper meaning. And then the message flows.

  • Does the card represent me, a person, or something else?

Honestly? If tarot was that simple there wouldn't be hundreds of tarot enthusiasts (thousands?) like me, all finding subtly different wisdom from the same old deck of cards.

Personally I always check the question, spread & my intuition to see if it is the client (or me), then another person, then something else in that order.

I find it is almost always the client or a person, but that reflects my reading style.

  • If in doubt ask the Tarot

If something doesn't make sense- you can always ask your Tarot deck. that's what it is there for!

I leave the spread out, shuffle the remaining cards and ask for further clarity on what the card means. Then I pull one card, and read this for clarification.


I love blogging, and exploring Tarot on face-book, it is so exciting to be able to see so many different decks, hear so many opinions, and engage in conversations on tarot.

But tarot is also my business, if you would like to explore the court cards with me further then I am currently running an online Tarot course exploring the court cards, as well as having an e-book published on the court cards and minors.

If you would like to find out more head to my website & take a look;

If a person is on a court card, read the person first.

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