My One Tarot Card Challenge

I love large, sprawling Tarot card spreads, often with two decks, where I let the cards lay on top of each other, deepening the spread, story and understanding.

Sometimes a client, or me if I am reading for myself, can get caught in the swirl of possibilities & potentials. Could I do this, or could I do that...reflections on how past hurts are creating present blocks...peeking into future paths if lives are lived with bold optimism.

I have come to realise that often two parts of my longer readings are really essential for a client to to make best use of a reading with me.

Reflection of the now.

I like to start with a reflection spread; whether of how the client is feeling about life in general, or reflecting a specific area of their life. This clear focus on the now allows me to know I have connected accurately, and the client to gauge my skill. It creates trust in me, and the process.

The focused advice.

The whole process of the Tarot reading is important, however giving my client a feeling of empowerment is essential. It is easy to be left feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start, perhaps even dwarfed by possibilities.

I like to end a reading with a clear and simple “What should I do know” spread. Three cards that offer practical steps for the client for that week (or month perhaps)

I was so impressed by clients feedback about how this end reading has helped them that I have started to do this for for myself.</