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Learning to Retrieve a Soul Part

Reflections on my shaman training.

It was the most empowering, yet also soul naked experience;

Ten students, all with some energetic or shaman experience behind them, jumping into the void of offering shamanic healing to each other.

After the process is demonstrated, we split into pairs and work. The room is filled with soft whisperings, tears, gentle voices, escaped gasps, rattling, drumming, smudging.

It is exhilarating to be energy working in this concentrated way. As I work I catch a glimpse of the other pairs, and can reflect on what I am doing in the mirror of their work. Because to be a Shaman is to work from the soul, and we are ten individuals each using the tools and techniques slightly differently.

This week one of the techniques was soul retrieval.

It involved (after much complicated breath, rattling and energy work) the shaman journeying to the under world to visit specific caves.

Looking for the; Original wound, Soul contract, gift, Lost soul part & animal helper for their “client”

It is very strange as the shaman to be seeing these things (or at times hearing), yet they were mostly meaningless to me. The skill lies (I believe) in then supporting the client to make their own personal connections with these finds, supporting them as they choose to accept, or leave, or perhaps adapt what has been found.

A stone is used to represent each of the caves I visited, and then my client uses the stone to connect with their inner connection to the meaning found int he cave.

I found it intensely soulful to help my client understand these images and words I had found in the underworld.

They stand, hold the stone chosen to represent the cave I visited, and connect shamanically to the meaning. I can see in their face, body & breathing how deeply they are connecting.

To watch their face light up as they realise the connection that has been masked by their mind at a time of survival, trauma and stress.

Now I am back home, working, sorting out finances & children & mealtimes and that cave-like group experience seems a long way way.

Yet I am left with a dull ache in my heart chakra.

And I realise the deep, intense, unconditional love of the weekend has expanded my heart chakra. To quote The Grinch;

“Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. “

And that is how I feel. Still processing, I will include more thoughts & reflections as they come to me.

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