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The dangers of perfection

You don’t need to be perfect

Before I started as a Tarot Professional I didn't realise that it is actually two jobs, equally, in one.

I am a Tarot reader (teacher & author) and I have spent many years studying, learning and practicing to get here. I am very happy with my skills and love, love, love this side of my job.

The “professional” indicates that I charge for my services, that I use my tarot skills as the basis of a business to earn my income. It indicates that I am a business woman too.

I was NOT prepared for the business side!

Like a lot of people, I guess, I crawled slowly towards “professional” a few face to face readings, the odd fair, a series of workshops where I taught the same group of people for 9 months. My children were still young and I wanted to be mostly Mum and just a little bit Tarot reader.

Now my children are growing, and my business is too- and suddenly there is so much to learn. From pay-pal (and boy have I made some mistakes there), to web design, advertising, accounts, taxes, venue hire, advertising, book publishing, answering e-mails (and that can take a lot of time) to learning when to take a clear break from work.

I've got three pieces of advice about being a Tarot Professional.

  • Don’t rush, or skimp, on the tarot bit. Make sure you are ready, people are turning to you in their darkest moments & for genuine guidance and help. I have found it a genuine honour to support people in this way, but it is a huge responsibility. Be ready for that responsibility.

  • Worry less about the business side, I have found that my business skills have grown alongside my business. It does take A LOT of time- reading, you-tube videos, the odd session with a business coach. But I don’t think you need to wait until you are business savvy to run a business- as long as you are prepared to learn as you go.

  • Try not to be too scared by looking too far ahead and thinking “How the Hell will I achieve that?” Three years ago if you told me that I would publish books, update my own website, run workshops on shamanism, tarot & psychic development. That I would enjoy writing a blog (I probably hadn’t even read a blog at that point) I think I would have hidden under the bed and said “no way”. Yet here I am, doing all those things.

Yet here I am. Not perfect. Still learning, still making mistakes, still growing.

If I had waited until I felt ready, I think I would still be hiding under my bed.

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