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Too Much?

How do you feel when you look at the 10 of pentacles?

I believe that when you are reading for your self that instant feeling you get when you look at a card is very telling.

When we read for ourselves we project our psychology into the cards, it is like looking at our deepest self in a mirror.

When I look at the 10 of pentacles I feel slightly anxious, overwhelmed. I want to brush the pentacles aside. I want to talk to the old man. I want to kneel down and speak to the little boy, face to face.

Do you feel the same?

Or do you like the business, the opulence, the sense of lots going on? (one of my students described this card as "invigorating, like a busy Sunday market")

The point of this blog is not to debate the symbolic meaning of the 10 of pentacles, but to consider the psychological clues- and what to do about it- if it makes you feel a bit anxious.


When I moved from my home on a remote Scottish Island to South England (about 8 years ago) I came with 2 children, 1 husband & all we had in one small van. All of our belongings, clothes, toys, furniture, books. Now our three bed-roomed house (and 2 sheds) is full again. I feel like a prisoner to our possessions, to the books & games & mementos that pile up around me.

If you look at the 10 of pentacles and feel it is claustrophobic take a look around your house- is it overwhelmed with possessions?

I have read many books on the subject in an attempt to sort my issues out. The most inspiring and practical one I have found is the "Magic of Tidying up" You can find a link Here.

You may find that the simple act of sorting through your belongings, letting go of those things no longer needed, improves your home and state of mind.

The ten of pentacles reminds us to enjoy our belongings, not accumulate them.

Money Issues

Every card has a blessing and a warning.

If every time you look at the 10 of pentacles you feel a slight dread or uncomfortable un-ease about financial wealth then I respectfully suggest you have a problem (wound if you prefer) with money.

Money wounds do not belong to the rich, nor the poor. They are about having a difficult relationship with money; whether you spend too much, or to little.

If looking at financial success makes you feel uncomfortable you need to address this. There is a good blog, which links to various helpful books, Here

At the end of the day money is simply a tool which helps us to live and thrive in this mad world.

If you have an issue with money, then you have an issue with self-esteem. Start to value yourself and you will improve your relationship with money.

Distracted relationships

Carefully look at the people in the card. None of them seem to be actually communicating directly with another.

It is all too easy (especially in our screen dominated world) to focus on what we need to do, or which belongings we want next, shuffling and re-arranging what we already have.

Sitting, talking, engaged with the other person.

Genuine laughter from the joy of the moment, shared together.

These are the real riches of life. And once our basic material needs are met I don't believe accumulating more makes them more enjoyable.

Cluttered comfort zone

I often see the 10 of pentacles as trying to create an illusions of (take your pick) security, self confidence, love, happiness...(I'm sure you can think of more) and yet we all know deep down accumulating money & stuff does not really fill these gaps. It just distracts from dealing with the really important issues; our own selves.

So money doesn't matter?

Don't get me wrong.

On many, many occasions the 10 of pentacles is a wonderful card. For someone who has struggled with poverty, housing, health, business or work this card is a really optimistic sign.

But I have come to see- for myself and clients, that the 10 of pentacles isn't always about money & security.

It is about over filling a life (with stuff, or money, or being busy) to create an illusion of security.

This is why I am starting my free 6 week "clutter cleanse" email course tomorrow. If you haven't already signed up just fill in your email in the subscription box along the top of my website- and check your "others" or "promotions" box on the 5th.

Because I start my Clutter Cleanse tomorrow by looking at the Ace of Pentacles, I hope you can join me.

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