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Sussex Shaman healer...

Well I'm all booked on to the next step of my shaman journey.

It started in the 90's with a weekend workshop with Emma Restall Orr, exploring the Druid path and ending up taking part in a ritual at the Roll-right stones. I felt a strange draw deeper and deeper under the earth which was a little worrying at the time.

Later I worked with Shaun Brassfiled Thorpe in Orkney. To say he changed every perception I had about the world does not do the experience justice. I learnt about the Nordic tradition of Stav, and through martial training, wisdom tradition & shamanism I built a personal relationship with personal Norse deities.

I may read and teach tarot, drum in a temperate woodland, but when i journey it is Frey, Freya and Hel I meet, or on occasion perhaps Tyr, Odin or Ull.

Frey has become a constant guide in my spiritual practices, though it is still disconcerting when tarot clients describe the man standing at my shoulder and ask his name.

Having had such an amazing teacher in Shaun (those who have worked with him will know, he can't really be described in words) I was nervous about teaching shamanism myself. Anything i did would be but a pale shadow.

Life nudged, certain people pushed, and I have now been teaching shamanism for nearly two years. Honestly it is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To connect with people on that deepest of levels, see them grow into being fully themselves.

To sit in the dark of the barn and hear the animals, real and spirit.

To feel the change in energies as the barn adjusts to our chant and drum.

Next year my journey continues, I never thought i would find a teacher i could respect, and who could accept that I need a path that fully integrates my journey until now.

Luckily I did! next year i am taking part in a 15 day (spread across the year) course to develop my skills in shamanic healing. I will be offering free healings through out the year as I work through my course, so keep an eye on my face book page, or sign up to my newsletter if you want the chance to enjoy one of these sessions.

An extra delight is that i will be sharing this journey with a dear friend, and my husband has agreed that he will cook dinner on the days I am away, even if I am home that night.

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