Lovely tarot cards- 3 swords

I know you may be thinking "heart- break, sorrow and sadness". Or even worse "a three way love triangle." As a professional tarot reader, a lot of my questions are to do with relationships and affairs. Hurt people asking about love.

Yet this is a card I am often glad to see in a reading.

Really look at the card, forget all the keywords you've read and actually look.

  • Do you see the simplicity of the design, the symmetry in the card.

  • Notice how the heart is open and unguarded.

  • See the rain falling in the background.

  • Notice the beautiful, vital red colour

Lets look at what the symbols could mean (symbols are very subjective after all)

The rain.

If you know tarot, you know that the suit of swords is a difficult suit. It represents our words and mind- and most people are very harsh to themselves in their quieter moments.