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The Wish Card

A man sits at an empty banquet table, confident and happy. It's as if he knows everyone is on their way.

Why is this a great image for the card classically known as the wish card?

Because if we trace his journey to that moment, it gives us

the exact recipe for manifesting our wishes...

(Druid-Craft Tarot)

If you look at the table in the magician's card, you will see all the tools of manifestation laid out and ready:

Tool one; The wand

In tarot wands represent fire, spirit & inspiration. To create anything first must come that spark of passion, to just know you need to do something...

"I really want to enjoy a celebratory banquet..."

Tool two; The cup

Have you heard about how great athletes & management consultants talk about

visualizing your success, making it real in your head so you can then make it real in the physical world? That is the cups stage. Day dream about your desire, dream about your wish, imagine how it will make you feel.

What you are doing is engaging every level of your being to create this wish, cups is about connecting with your powerful emotional body, letting your unconscious know what you want from life.

Lying under an old oak tree our banquet man smiles as he see's the friends and food in his minds eye, and feels a sense of inner joy thinking about the banquet he will enjoy.

Tool three; the sword

In tarot the sword represents our logical mind. Thoughts, words, lists, diaries, plans, goals, deadlines.

Write down what it is you want to achieve, write a list of steps as to how you can achieve this. Then get out your diary and work out when you will do each step....

Happy dream like thoughts swirling around your head are great, but they need to form a plan..

He writes a menu, invitations, lists of what he will need and when he he prepares for this celebratory banquet.

Tool four; the pentacle

The only way to manifest your wish, is to get up and make it happen!

The suit of pentacles represents all that is physical, getting the job done.

According to his plan he posts the invitations, catches the fish, lays the banquet table.

Manifesting his dream one step at a time....

You may think I sit at an empty table.

But I asked the universe to fulfill my dream, and then I used every level of my being to make that dream come true.

I sit at an empty table, knowing that the guests will arrive.

Knowing that the universe will provide.

I sit in a state of hopeful grace.

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