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Why learn the tarot?

The single thing that holds most people back in life?

Lack of self esteem. Tarot is perfect for this, and it is a common thread to many readings I do.

As soon as you doubt yourself, the doubt creeps into your head and starts to judge you when you try to do things, and in time you are trying to do less, so achieving less. "aha, I told you" says the little voice in your head, "I knew you couldn't do it" and the cycle deepens.

Tarot can shine a light on the self doubt, illustrate where it is leading you, and show you a different, happier path.

Tarot can help you to take one step at a time towards self belief and empowerment.

Tarot is a great tool for planning

It is very easy to become stuck in a rut when it comes to thinking and planning. You can become limited by your own beliefs and past ways, without even realising it.

When you use Tarot to help with planning it opens you up to possibilities you might never have considered.

Planning with Tarot inspires original thinking and practical problem solving.

Tarot is healing

Everyone is hurt by life at some point, and mostly we carry our pain around with us. It wears us down, creates anxiety & stress, and this can lead to health problems in time.

Tarot can help you to spot psychological hurts that you have lived with for so long you are hardly aware of them.

Tarot can offer you practical steps to heal your psychological pain.

Tarot can spot self destructive tendencies that are hurting your health (not exercising, drinking too much etc) which is often enough to create better life style choices.

Tarot should never replace professional medical help, it is a support not a diagnosis.

Tarot helps relationships

Partners, friends, family, work....

Tarot helps you to understand yourself. It mirrors back your own hopes, fears, dreams, assumptions, mind & unconscious.

It challenges your beliefs and asks you for honesty.

I am arguing that understanding yourself in a dynamic and honest way is the single biggest thing you can do to improve each and every one of your relationships.

Tarot is fun!

Think of Tarot as a book filled with every story, emotion & human experience.

And each time you open this book it is uniquely different.

You shuffle the 78 cards, and lay them down never sure what the story will tell.

The best way to add extra fun to tarot, is to add friends!

Once you start reading for someone else you start to see their story unfold.

Or have someone read for you, and hear your story told by someone else.

Connections made, understandings deepen, all over a coffee and cake!

I run monthly tarot workshops & reading groups in East Sussex & am currently setting up my online course & face-book teaching group (I am offering trial rates for my first group of students) come and join me for the empowering fun of tarot.

I'm worried about seeing the future...

My experience as tarot reader has led me to understand the future is not fixed.

I have read for people and seen very difficult times ahead, and used the tarot to help them navigate these times smoothly. I have seen client after client who has created a better future because they were warned about difficulties in time to do something about it.

So don't worry about seeing your future, you are seeing possible futures.

Only one person gets to chose your future, and that's you.

Tarot simply makes that a more informed choice!

(Tarot card- 8 0f swords from the Mary El deck)

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