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The 4 Tarot suits, explained.

78 cards to understand can be overwhelming, so let me introduce the four suits to you.

Once you understand the 4 suits you can look at a spread and straight away have a feel for the reading based on how which suits are dominant (or missing)

Wands (fire)- spirit & energetic body

This is your passion, enthusiasm, excitement, libido, urge, inspiration...

Wand energies are exciting and optimistic "yes, I'd love to do that" says the Ace of wands. But they must be followed through with the action of the other suits, or you will be in the 10 of wands; Too many inspiring ideas and opportunities, not enough energy and time to commit to them.

A story of how the 4 suits manifest...

Sitting reading a book, I get a need, an urge, a desire for a drink. I am inspired to know I want a drink...

Cups (water)- feelings & emotional body

Cups represent your relationships, dreams, unconscious, moods and feelings.

Cup energy is flowing, changing, tidal, unpredictable and ever changing.

At its best cups is unconditional love, notice how both the Ace and the 10 are such wonderful cards.You can not have too much genuine love, and you can't run out! When I was pregnant with my second child I was worried, I loved my first child so much, how could I have enough love for another? Of course love doesn't work like that, it is infinite.

"Cup thinking" is day dreaming, imagining, visualising. It allows us to dream big and break free of any conditioning from family and society. With our busy lives I think we are forgetting how important cloud gazing and day dreaming are for our creativity & happiness.

Reading my book, I feel like a, tea, wine, G&T; the thoughts flow around my mind as I connect with each and see how they make me feel.

Swords (air)- words & our mind

Swords represent the logical, organised planning that is needed to action our cups energy.

At its best this is a plan, goals, lists...knowing what we want to achieve (through the wands and cups energy) and now knowing HOW we are going to achieve it.

But when we hoard thoughts and words they can start to trap us, we become overwhelmed by our inner critic, passive, confused, incapable (take a look at the 9 of swords). It is important that we act on our thoughts- speaking or writing them down to clear our mind and reset to that beautiful ace of swords.

Reading my book, now I know. It is too early for G&T, too late for coffee. "I'm making a tea" I say to my friend "would you like one?"

Pentacles (earth) - our actions & our body

Pentacles represent everything we can touch, the physical world we live in.

To consider pentacles as only money and wealth is overlook the magic and beauty of this suit. Enjoying a meal with friends, gardening, our home, walking, craft work, playing an instrument...all pentacles.

Mundane magic- when we get lost in the joy of the moment and feel completely happy - pentacles.

And getting up off our butt and getting on with our plans, goals and hopes that we came up with from the previous 3 suits. This is the suit of getting the job done!

Now I am in the kitchen, making the tea. And sitting in the garden with my friend, enjoying drinking the tea.

Never forget that last, final stage in manifesting.

Being in the moment to enjoy what you have created.

I have created a Tarot manifestation spread, based upon the four energies the suits represent.

Take a look at my website (spread of the month)

And have a go yourself

Or book yourself a tarot manifesting spread (my special offer for the month of July). This is an in-depth 90 minute spread.

Together we will work through the four steps of manifesting; Inspiring, connecting with dreams, organising, enlightening blockages and identifying self sabotaging behaviours & thought patterns.

You will leave with a clear action plan of goals to work through (identified and set by you as we work through the tarot readings).

And four crystals to help support your journey- one to represent each of the suits.

The four tarot suits, Rider Waite, Druid-Craft & Dreaming Way.

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