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T Tyr (tyr)

  • Truth

  • Justice

  • Fairness

  • Warrior

  • Deception

  • Rigidity

  • Opposition


Tyr is the one handed among the Aesir

The smith has to blow often.


Tyr- god with one hand

And leavings of the wolf

And prince of temples


Tyr is a warrior god of the Aesir, and not much is really known about him.

He chooses to lose a hand in the binding of Fenrir to protect Odin from breaking his oath.




There is a simple truth about Tyr which is very appealing- he stands not only for truth, but fairness, honesty, and doing "the right thing”.

When the Aesir are tricking the great wolf Fenrir in an attempt to bind him- Tyr steps forward. he offers to put his hand in Fenrir's mouth and says if the Gods are tricking him then he might bite Tyr's hand off. Tyr knew the Gods were tricking Fenrir and that he would lose his hand.

If you are getting Tyr in a rune reading, or working with Tyr then truth is probably a focus. This might be speaking your truth or seeing the truth in the situation. There may be deception or gaslighting- and this rune can mean hard truths need to be faced.

Tyr sacrificed his hand, for the Aesir, so when we work with Tyr there may be a need to consider sacrifice- are we sacrificing too much, or perhaps are we willing to sacrifice for the common good.

Tyr is associated with the warrior- and fighting for what we believe to be right. But there is a sense of fairness here, and the importance of standing up for the rights of others.

Tyr is connected to words, the power of words, and how they can be used to change our lives. he spotted the deceit in the binding of Fenrir and chose his words carefully to ensure the Aesir did not break their oath. Sometimes considered words can change the outcome.

In the end the great warrior was slain at Ragnarök, perhaps because he sacrificed his hand to ensure the fairness of the binding of Fenrir. Was this right or wrong? I don't know- but sometimes this rune is a warning against rigidity or blindly doing the "right thing". Sometimes knowing when to step away is the real wisdom.



I would use the Tyr rune to clear the throat chakra.

Anything connected with the power of words, highlighting the truth can be Tyr. Perhaps especially when deceit or gaslighting is involved- helping someone to see the truth of their situation.

Rune magic, specifically "ljos" rune magic. Where you create a bind rune/amulet for someone- and empower them by explaining its meaning.

Tyr is a warrior energy- so any form of embodied healing, perhaps releasing anger or training in a martial art to feel more confident, would come under Tyr.

To offer strength when someone feels trapped in a difficult situation, a powerful protection rune.

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