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N Urd, Verdandi, Skuld (nud) 

  • Need

  • Compulsion

  • Fate

  • Opportunity

  • Hardship

  • Personal growth

Need makes for a difficult situation

The naked freeze in the frost



Constraint- grief of the bond-maid

And state of oppression

And toilsome work


The three Norns stand slightly sperate to the rest of the Gods. They are connected with time, fate, and perhaps destiny.

In simple terms Urd represents the past, and all that has been. Verdandi the power of the present moment, and Skuld the as yet unformed future.


There is a difficulty with the nud rune- it highlights a problem, an issue that needs resolving. There is a suggestion that facing this problem in the right way will create an opportunity, learning experience, or freedom that will be beneficial.

There may be trials that need to be faced, lessons learnt, or service given.

Nud reminds us to contemplate if our choice is based on need or want. To opens up the idea of freedom of choice or feeling restrained in some way.

The nud rune might challenge you to consider your thoughts on fate- are you free to make the choices you desire? Or are you restrained- by your mind, your past choices, or perhaps by man-made or universal laws. Skuld translates as “debt” reminding us that how we spend our present moment is binding our future to certain options. (drink a bottle of wine at night- you are creating the hangover yet to come).


An uncomfortable rune but holding the power of potential. It is about understanding what is within your control, and making wise choices within that.



Any of the chakras, but perhaps most of all the crown and root.

Understanding personal patterns/self-limiting beliefs- and breaking them.

The role of the seer; perceiving the likely future.

Past life healing.

Urd: Understanding the past, story, the stories we were told, the stories we tell ourselves.

Verdandi: Making the most of the present moment (mindfulness)

Skathi: Cutting away things that are no longer helpful.

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