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A Jord (ar)

·         Land

·         Harvest

·         Abundance

·         Roots, root chakra

·         Decay

·         Void/dark


A good harvest is the profit of men

I say the Lord was generous


Plenty- boon to men

And good summer

And thriving crops




Associated with the earth and the land.


Mother of Thor, ancient Jotun, the stories suggest she may have been married to Odin.


She is the daughter of night. (I just love that concept!)



Jord is ancient, primal, and raw.

She is the earth, nature, the land beneath our feet. I use the word land, as it is too easy to imagine earth as a detached “planet” rather than the rich fertile earth beneath our feet.


When we stop to think about fertile land- the rock needs to have been broken down, dead organic matter needs to be present. The fertile land grows new vegetation because of the natural cycle of death and decay. In some ways perhaps Jord is deeply connected with Nidhogg who constantly eats the roots of Yggdrasil. Because with out death and decay there is no life.


The daughter of night breaks down the ego. Her primal nature can help us to connect to the expansive nature of all things, and the void that is within all of us. When we have nothing left a peace can be found.


Jord is connected with harvest and abundance- but she is also deeply connected to life cycles, and the cycles of nature.


Jord is connected with the crone, there is a wisdom, a detachment there, a wildness. Any taming of nature is only temporary. No one can truly tame Jord. This is no nurturing Mother archetype. Rather our earth has provided for all our needs, if only we have the wisdom to understand this.


The stories suggest that Odin was once with Jord, and that Thor is their son. I imagine that Jord’s untamed nature didn’t suit Odin. (perhaps there are links here to Lilith and Eve).


Jord is the feminine of Njord (the sea God), I sense that Jord is of the Vanir, and perhaps she is sister/wife/mother to Njord.




Earth breathing, root chakra, grounding, nature bathing, connecting with the land.


I see too many people focusing on “raising” their vibrations. Give me dark, earthy vibrations any day. I believe the root and crown chakra are linked (as an axis mundi) if you want to raise your vibrations then you need to be deeply rooted too.


Working with the heart chakra, unconditional love.


Letting go of anything that is not working- to allow new ideas to flourish.


Working with the body – massage, movement, nutrition etc.


The wild one with in us, rewilding, living in sync with nature. Connecting with the moon phases, or seasonal phases of our earth. Finding the balance between active and rest.

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