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f Frey (fe)

  • Wealth

  • Abundance

  • Passion

  • Peace

  • Obsession

  • Greed

  • Ancestors

Wealth causes strife amongst kinsmen

The wolf lives in the wood.


Wealth- source of discord amongst kinsmen

And fire of the sea

And path of the serpent



Male God of the Vanir, son of Njord, twin of Freya.

Personifies the fertile land of the valley- gentle rain, the sun’s rays, green woodland, land of beasts, corn God.



Harvest, abundance, gold movable wealth (we still use the word "fee"), cattle, wealth.

The need for everything to be in balance, a warning against greed and obsession.

Fire, anger, passion, obsession. Very much connected with male sexuality- and can lead towards violence. Being burnt because you lost control of your passion.

 Frey gave his magic (unbeatable) sword to gain one night with Gerd. This is a rune that urges you to consider the consequences of your actions carefully.

Lord of Alfheim, Bringer of peace, connection with ancestors - using the wisdom of ancestors to create peace in the family.

Abundance, joy, good times, easy wealth.

Solar plexus, desire, self-worth.


Lighting the Solar plexus or inner fire. Bringing passion and joy into the soul.

Understanding/working with the cycles of life- whether this is connecting to ancestors, birth/death, or cycles in our own life.

Connecting with the wisdom of ancestors, learning from them- whether of kith, kin, culture or heritage.

Working with rage, anger, obsession. Finding these emotions, or blocks with these emotions, and freeing them.

Releasing from a sense of bondage, seeing how we are restricted and finding freedom.

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