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o Odin (oss) 

  • Wisdom

  • Magic

  • Power of words

  • Cunning

  • Beware bargains/agreements.

  • Power (both good, and hubris!)

Estuary is the way of most journeys

But the sheath is that for the sword



God- aged gautr

And prince of Asgard

And Lord of Valhalla


Now let’s be honest- the myths as we have them are Odin's tale, and as a self-styled All-Father he could be associated anything....

His wife is Frigg, his main children in the myths are Balder and Vidar.


He is associated with magic, rune-lore, shamanism, speech, poetry (power of the word) and storytelling. Riddles, journeys, cunning, winds, storms, battle and madness. Breath.

There is an element of the trickster in Odin- he creates riddles and bargains, works with seers to understand what is coming, and usually gets his way- one way or another. He works had to consider the consequences of the consequences but will often focus only on his chosen outcome rather then social norms.

He is connected with hidden (murk) rune magic, and at times his ethics are questionable. He takes pre-emptive action if it suits him.

He tends to have a finger in every pie, and though he seduces many women Frigg often wins the argument, Freya taught him lokk-seidr (shamanism), and Hel kept to her rules and did not release Balder. At the very top of the world tree is Freya’s falcon, she has the first pick of the slain.

Be careful if Odin pops up in a reading- he is wisdom, mentor, leader, teacher. But he is also riddle, cunning, bargains and oaths.

His desperate desire to protect his son (Balder) initiated the actions that led to Ragnarök- there is a warning not to over reach, not to try and control too much.

In all his mad tales his moment of power was in the stillness as he hung on the world tree- the power of surrender, breath and stillness.

He sacrificed an eye in the well of Mimir (perhaps representing the collective memory as water) to gain wisdom. His ravens represent thought and memory, his 8 legged horse (Loki’s child) allowed him to travel between the worlds. He is also associated with wolves, eagles, wrens and snakes (and probably any other animal you could think of!)


The crown & throat chakra.

Any form of "magic" especially healing/bind runes that are done without telling the other person. Ethics are key here- e.g., someone asking for protection, and you creating a talisman/bind rune- but leaving a "mystique" about it, not explain what you have done.

Shamanism, rune magic, any form of change using words (incantation/affirmation/spell etc).

Breath work.

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