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L Njord (laug)  

·         Water

·         Wealth

·         Trade

·         Journey

·         Negotiations

·         Depths (both a good and a dangerous thing!)

Waterfall is that which falls from the mountain as a force

But gold objects are costly things.


Water- eddying stream

And broad geyser

And land of fish.



Njord is the older of the Vanir Gods, the sea God. Although he is presented as male, there is a sense that he is both mother and father to the twins Freya and Frey.

He moved to live with the Aesir in the exchange of hostages, and married Skadi for a while. He is known to be a skilled negotiator, wise, and kind.



At its heart “Laug” is water. Primal water. Water is a strange thing. Think of the power of the ocean, how a river can carve out the earth, and how crops will die without rain, yet a torrential downfall can destroy crops. Laug can refer to water in any form.

Njord is particularly associated with the sea. And any community that learn to work with the ocean could have some big benefits. The sea is a rich source of food (including fish, shellfish, and seaweed). The sea would also have opened up travel, and the ability to trade. Little wonder that Njord is associated with wealth, and the ease of money coming in.

Njord is an elder, he offers wise counsel, and is prepared to do what is needed- and well- to keep the peace (like his marriage to Skadi).

Njord, and the ocean seems associated with ancestors. Perhaps it is the primal element, but working with Njord often seems to connect us with the wisdom of those who have walked before us.


Anything connected with cleansing, clearing. Working with this rune (especially chanting the sound) can clear psychic daggers and other energy intrusions.

Sacral chakra, womb, blood, hormones.

Negotiating, finding a clam way forward in a dispute.

Using sacred waters, crystal waters, blessing our water.

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