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K Loki (kreft)  

  • Chaos

  • Transformation

  • Change

  • Creativity

  • Deception

  • Illness

Ulcer is the curse of children

Death makes a man pale



Ulcer- disease fatal to children

And painful spot

And abode of mortification



Loki is half Jotun, half Aesir.

He is a trickster God- connected with chaos and change.

Amongst his children are his "brood" Hel, Fenrir & The World serpent, and Odin's horse Sleipnir.

Odin and Loki were blood brothers, choosing to take an oath of friendship.



Be wary of labelling Loki "evil", he is not- although at times the consequences of his actions may be harmful to others. He is neutral, chaotic, and doesn't consider the consequences of his actions. (Odin does consider the consequences of his actions, and still chooses at times to do things that could be considered “wrong”)

His rune poem reminds us that we are born into death (as Freya's does), and perhaps an awareness of our mortality is needed to ensure we live a life filled with passion and vigour. People who have had a near death experience often say it renews their lust for life.

There needs to be an awareness that when we work with Loki the outcome is unfixed. If you invite Loki in, you invite in change- but you lose control of that outcome! (Expect the unexpected)

He is connected with sexuality, humour, shape shifting, wildfire, blue sky thinking and originality. If you feel blocked and want (need) change regardless of where it will take you- then Loki is the God for you.

He is a God of vengeance. His "brood" were mistreated - and Loki initiates Ragnarök as an act of passionate revenge. Sometimes this is needed to right a wrong- but it may not stop there, often it has an energy of its own.

Loki will knock the status quo out of stasis and allow the energy to flow again (as he did when he killed the Balder, and allowed the wheel of the year to turn). Sometimes this might feel like taking a mallet to crack a nut- so be careful!

Loki is a shape shifter, and gender fluid, perhaps a sense that identity is more than our body.


Solar plexus, or any blocked chakra (but do take care!)

Self-awareness, taking responsibility for our actions.

Anything that is creative and original - especially healing through the arts (dance/art etc)

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