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R Hel (rei)

  • Rest

  • Journey (possibly a difficult or unwanted one)

  • Honesty

  • Personal strength/integrity

  • Death & equally birth

  • Isolation/rejection


Riding it is said is worst for horses.

Reginn forged the best sword



Riding- joy of horsemen

And speedy journey

And toil of the steed



Hel is Loki's daughter- half dead, and half alive. She was banished to the underworld by Odin when it was foretold that Loki's brood would bring around the downfall of the Gods.


I see Hel is the All-Mother, all of us living today have rested awhile in her halls.

She is a true "Maiden" (nothing to do with age or sexual experience!) She rules Helheim as a queen in her own right without a king to "support" her.

There is nothing fearful of Hel, as the aged warriors hoping to die in battle, or the Christians might want to tell you. Hel is a place of rest, reflection, and honesty. A place to recalibrate before reincarnation. Hel to me feels like Christmas- I experience it as red and gold, comfortable, with a happy feel. Some souls are gathered to wait loved ones, reflect on lives lived, others are waiting to be reborn.

In a rune-reading it can indicate a journey, and possibly a journey that is difficult- or that you don't want to take (perhaps a job change, retirement, or recuperation).

It can often indicate the need to take on something alone, to be indomitable in spirit, to rest, retreat, or take time out. Yes, Hel was banished to the underworld by Odin, but I feel that is her naturel place anyway. That she is older than she seems, and happy in this role.

Hel refused to bend the natural laws to release Balder, even in the face of Odin's anger. The rei rune can indicate the need to do what is right, to stand alone in a situation against the majority.


Unconditional love, the heart chakra. Also the sacral and root chakras.

Shamanic journeying.

Honesty/talking therapy/mirroring a client with honesty and no judgement.

Healing connected with death/birth, and ancestral healing.

Exploring the freeze reaction of PTSD, retreating, isolating as a response to stress.

Mother issues, the desire to be nurtured.

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