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Choose your pricing plan

  • Rune-Gata

    Every month
    Community study
    Valid for 19 months
    • Monthly email- PDF of information about the rune/topic
    • Monthly community Zoom call- teaching & discussion
    • Monthly recorded shamanic/healing journey
    • Suggestions to deepen your personal connection
  • Distant rune-gata

    Every month
    Perfect if you like to self study.
    Valid for 19 months
    • Monthly PDF with detailed points on the rune/topic
    • Recorded audio shamanic journey
    • 19 months to complete the course
    • Start at any point and continue until completed
  • Tarot community

    Every month
    Monthly Tarot community on Zoom
    • Monthly Zoom call (recorded)- 45 minutes Tarot teaching
    • Monthly Zoom call- before the teaching- Tarot Q & A
    • Special offers for 1-2-1 readings
    • Monthly email with self reflection Tarot tips
    • Access to a growing library of resources
  • Rune-Gata Alumni

    Every month
    I have suggested £15- but feel free to set up a plan for less, or more.
    • Full access to the Rune-Gata resources
    • Monthly Zoom community call
    • For those who have completed the Rune-Gata course
    • Because learning never stops
  • Working with runes

    Every month
    7 full days, in person workshops 2024
    Valid for 10 months
    • Feb 4th: Spirit guides
    • March 4th: Rune readings
    • June 2nd: Rune magic
    • July 7th: Grounding & Protecting
    • Oct 5th/6th Journeying
    • November 3rd Chant & sound
    • Move to Zoom session if you can't join live
    • Free audio journey included for each session.
  • The magical use of runes

    Valid for 12 months
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