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Honest, helpful, and straight to the point.

Ask me any three questions and I'll take a look for you. I'll try and include an advice card each time (because finding the best way forward is soooo important).

You can expect simple, brief, clear answers. No blurb or pre-amble. Just honest, straight to the point tarot answers. 

The 0ffer is £15 for three questions.

I will aim to read these as quickly as I can- usually by the next day, and you can ask me three questions as often as you find it helpful. 

#1 Fill in the form with your three questions.

#2 You will be forwarded to a payment page via the form.

#3 I will do the readings within 48 hours (I don't read on Mondays)

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I love the simplicity of these quick readings.

Whether you are looking for a snapshot of what is going on in your life right now, to explore different choices you could make, or just some gentle guidance to help you through difficult times- I'm sure I can help you.

As my readings are for guidance - with prediction woven in if asked for, you can re-book a three card reading as many times as you feel the need. 


As a situation unfolds, or just as guidance to help you stay focused. 

The more precise your questions- the more focused my answers. 

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