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Y Ull (yr)

  •   Winter

·         Solitude

·         Rest/hibernation

·         Protection

·         Preparation

·         Isolation



Yew is the greenest of wood in the winter

There is usually, when it burns, crackling


Yew- bent bow

 and brittle iron

And giant of the arrow




Ull is a God associated with the winter, snow, archey and skiing.


He is the “Winter” god and rules in the Winter months, with Odin ruling in the Summer months (perhaps links to the Holly & Oak king)

He has a special friendship with Balder, and is thought to visit him in Hel.




There is a strange paradox about Ull. He is a God of solitude, the winter months, taking time alone, hibernation, and good use of resources.


There is a feeling that once he had more prominence, but his tales are lost to us now, perhaps similar to Tyr and Heimdall.


To survive in the snowy wilderness would take preparation, perseverance, and some degree of stored resources- and all of these are key associations with this rune.

The connection with Ull and protection is an enduring one. His bear often steps forward to offer protection. The Yew tree is a deeply rooted evergreen tree- and in Winter time it can be burnt to create a hot, yet slow burning fire.

The paradox of Ull is further defined by the Yew tree- evergreen, hot burning- it can sustain in the darkest of winters. Yet the tree itself is widely toxic- life and death.

This life and death duality perhaps is reflected in Ull ruling the Aesir whilst Odin is in exile, linking Ull to the Winter King. And his friendship with Balder- he visits Balder when he has died and is in Hel.

Perhaps within Ull is the gateway between death and life. The deep rooted Yew tree growing so very high is the axis mundi, the space between spaces.




I would connect Ull with the root chakra and being deeply rooted- trusting in oneself.

If someone was experienced in herbal medicine- then dried herbs and berries, perhaps anything which is both toxic and healing in the same space. I must add caution- and would never advise this without the appropriate herbal training (which I am not trained in)

Retreats, sitting out, silence, spending time alone.

Sitting with someone, allowing them to be comfortable in silence.


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