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Tarot Topics- Zoom workshops

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A fun way to explore Tarot...

Tarot Topics-my monthly Zoom group exploring all things Tarot! 

Perfect if you...

  • Love Tarot and want to keep learning!

  • Are looking to share your Tarot journey with like-minded people.

  • Are curious about what Tarot is all about- just dipping your toe in the water.

  • A Tarot pro and you want to keep exploring fresh ideas because- you love Tarot!

Cost: £11 a month, for roughly an hour (sometimes we go over..) Or you can subscribe- pay £11 monthly, automatically receive the Zoom invite & recording, cancel at any time. I will be putting my prices up for this workshop in the coming months- but the subscription cost will not be changed for existing subscribers for the next 12 months.

Book your place, or subscribe, here.


  • November/7th: Tarot pairs, finding the narrative.

  • December/5th: Finding the joy with Tarot.

Planned topics for 2023!

  • Safeguarding in Tarot- when reading for yourself, and others.

  • Spotlight on other decks, oracle decks and rune decks.

  • Develop your psychic/intuitive reading style.

  • Build positive habits using the Tarot (change your habits, change your life!)

  • Blindspot cards- which cards don't you get (and what is it telling you)

  • Create your own spread- the building blocks to any spread.

  • Court cards- we've covered them before, but they are always fun!

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