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Tarot card meanings- the court cards

The most likely meaning of a court card in a reading is to;

  • Refer to you. Advice that you need to act in this way, or avoid acting this way.

  • They often refer to people in your life.

Remember the cards refer to psychology rather than age or gender.

You'll find all the court cards here- wands, cups, swords, pentacles.  Scroll through for practical reading tips. 

Page of wands, “free spirit”

Meet the Page of Wands, a student of life. Enthusiastic about anything that catches her fancy; her energy and optimism are contagious. Driven to understand, explore and experience almost anything to develop her own self-growth, the only thing that bothers her is boredom.

If you get the Page of Wands;

• Be open to new ideas, experiences and opportunities.

• Watch out, this page can be easily discouraged.

Event; Expect the unexpected! (in a fun, exciting kind of a way)


Symbol; The red feather in his hat- there is a real connection with the fool with this card. That sense of optimism, naivety, simple trust and connection to spirit.


Inspired, Free-thinking, Indecisive, Authentic, Enthusiastic, Eager, Optimistic ,Easily discouraged, Frazzled


Knight of wands, “Allons-Y”

Whenever you meet the knight of wands you can expect action, adventure, movement, excitement and change a plenty. (It might be psychological).


If you get the Knight of Wands;

• Expect movement and action, on a plan, job, journey, or your own psychological development.

• This will only come to fruition if you ground your energy. You need to act upon your hopes to realise them.


Event; A new opportunity, venture, journey, adventure.

Symbol; The feather, or fire, rippling from his helmet and flowing down his back. Like wild fire sometimes this knight needs to be contained with firm boundaries!

Passionate, Determined, Entrepreneur, Revolutionary, Unreliable, Energetic, Visionary, Reckless, Motivated, Decisive, Dishonest


Queen of Wands, “Because I can”

The Queen of Wands, confident, strong and comfortable in her own skin. She embraces life, and doesn’t believe in “luck” only attitude.


 If you get the Queen of Wands:

• Believe in yourself, you can do it.

• Be careful of manipulation, from yourself or others.


Event; Anything where you are expected to step into power and be in control!


Symbol; That sunflower- she is holding it- a symbol of her sovereignty. The sunflower always turns to the sun. I link the sun with our solar plexus- our inner sun- seat of the ego, will and power. This is one powerful person, her choices reflect her personal will.


Confident, Vibrant, Destructive, Independent, Witty, Dominant, Successful, Kind, Manipulative


King of Wands, “ A visionary”

The combination of power, strength of will and complete conviction in himself makes the King of Wands a charismatic leader. People are drawn to his good humour, enthusiasm and optimism- but he always needs his own space.


If you get the King of Wands;

• Trust in your vision, and yourself.

• Watch out for obsessive behaviours.


Event; Expect to be asked to step into a position of power, and be responsible for others (even if you don’t want it)


Symbol; The salamander- on the tunic in the page and knight, on the throne in the queen- now this is a real, physical salamander. This kings magic is he manifests his dreams into reality ( and then often realises the fun was in the journey not the outcome!)


Charismatic, Natural leader, Unsympathetic, Self-possessed, Magical, Destructive, Visionary, Resolute, Obsessive

Page of Cups, “Dreamer”

A sentimental, sensitive dreamer. The page of cups has an open heart, is eager to trust, affectionate and open to love. That trusting, generous heart is more often found in the young, who have not yet experienced heartbreak. Sometimes that big old open heart is a bit of a mask, worn to deceive (and often themselves)


If you get the page of cups;

• Listen out for messages from your unconscious- through dreams, meditation, Tarot etc.

• Make sure you are not being seduced; by an idea, dream, or person…


Event; A message of love, or a psychic connection from someone (maybe a loved one, possibly attack- check the other cards to see.)

Symbol; The fish! What other symbol could I pick- the fish is a message from the unconscious, and this page is listening.


Playful, Gracious, Escapism, Affectionate, Tender, Lethargy, Trusting, Imaginative, Seduction


Knight of Cups, “charmer”

What a romantic man. He follows his heart, seeking only love, truth and beauty. He has the soul of a poet, is gallant, gentle and in touch with the spiritual side of life too. Though beware- the brightest light casts the deepest shadows, there may be obsession, or a darker side, lurking deep within this soul. 


If you get the knight of Cups:

• Open up to the soulful, creative side of yourself.

• Beware of following a dream without noticing the pitfalls.


Event; Expect an offer or proposal (no- not always romantic!!!!! It might be a day out with a friend, a work venture, or yes a date) Symbol; The wings on his helmet and boots-They can link this knight to Mercury- divine messenger of the Gods. But those are wings-  I have seen this knight refer to spirit guides, angels.


Romantic, Social, Rose-coloured glasses, Idealistic, Intuitive, Narcissism, Artistic, Gallant, Deception


Queen of Cups-“empathic agony aunt”

The Queen of Cups doesn’t just listen; she seeks to reflect, to understand, to help and to heal. In conversation this is someone who mirrors your body language and deeply listens- reflecting yourself back at you. 


If you get the Queen of Cups;

• Be open to healing, whether from yourself or another.

• Often the Queen of Cups nurtures others to mask her own emotional wounds.


Event; A pause- to heal, or dream, create or be.


Symbol; That cup- compare it to the other cups of the suit. It is unique and demands attention. The chalice appears to have dark winged angels on either side, and the chalice has a lid. I see this as representing our unconscious- and this queen can connect with her own unconscious (as well as those of others). It is (like the sword in the queen of swords) a double edged gift. To deeply connect with yourself, and others is to connect with the deepest inspiration, the deepest love, the deepest fears, and the darkest shadows. This is indeed Pandora’s box.


Perceptive, Generous, Gullible, Empathetic, Psychic, Manipulative, Caring, Nurturing, Self-sacrificing


King of Cups - “others first”

This is a good natured, compassionate and wise person. He will always try to do the “right” thing, with a highly developed sense of social responsibility. He is able to put his emotions “on-hold” to deal with his responsibilities, but this should only ever be for a short time. 


If you get the King of Cups:

• Don’t ignore or repress your feelings, but don’t be a slave to them either.

• Beware of the dangers of always putting others before yourself.


Event; You may need to put your emotions to one side to get something done. It may indicate tough times when you feel obliged to put others needs before your own.


Symbolism; The fish around his neck- the divine message from the unconscious has now become a symbol. This to me represents how this king has stepped away from his emotional needs to carry out what he feels needs to be done. When the challenge is completed I like to think he will take the fish pendant off, and dive into the water to allow himself to fully connect with his emotions once more. (or maybe sail on a journey on that big ship)


Considerate, Elegant, Suppresses feelings, Gentle, Sensitive, Drinking too much, Responsible, Artistic, Depression

Page of Swords - “truth seeker”

Brilliant communicator, a keen wit and lively sense of humour, the Page of Swords makes excellent company. You can rely on the page for complete discretion, and to quickly understand most situations- as long as it suits them of course! 


If you get the Page of Swords;

• Consider carefully your use of detachment; is it helping you to gain clarity, or a great excuse for not getting involved?

• All that vigilance and continual analysing can lead to feelings of paranoia…


Event; There may be trouble brewing- possibly arguments, or a message that brings difficult emotions. You might have to fight for something important- do you know when to step back?


Symbol; The red boots- grounded, linking to the root chakra. This is someone who believes they are right. It is hard to win against someone who truly believes they are right.


Easy-going, Vigilant, detached, Insightful, objective, cunning. Inquisitive, Blunt, gossip, volatile


Knight of Swords - “Go..”

An intelligent, dynamic, courageous man; the Knight of Swords will quickly decide what he is going to do. And do it. Fast. (Unless he runs out of energy first…) This is someone on a mission, fully determined, they may not understand exactly where their actions will take them (notice the end of the sword can’t be seen) but they will die in the attempt to achieve it anyway! 


If you get the Knight of Swords;

• Have the courage to believe in yourself. Just do it!

• Rein it in a little, the pace is too fast.


Event; There may be a need for you to be 100% focused on something.


Symbol; The spurs on his boots. If the horse can represent the body then this knight has his goal, he will achieve it- but will his physical health suffer as a result?


Brave, Confident, Headstrong, Assertive, Creative thinker, Ruthless, Quick thinking, Articulate, Domineering


Queen of Swords - “truth, regardless”

If you want an honest answer, a fair judgement or someone to help organise your life- this is the woman to go to. She will tell you what you need to hear- whether you want to hear it or not (so ring the queen of cups if you want sympathy!) The Queen of Swords is a fiercely independent woman, with strong effective communication skills, an analytical mind and a sense of honesty that overrides her compassion.


If you get the Queen of Swords;

• Be sure you make objective decisions, and be honest about your situation (to yourself and others).

• Try not to be vindictive when things don’t go your way (perhaps soften your words with a little kindness).


Event; You may need to take control of something, and be very organised and honest to get through a time of difficulty or conflict. You are called upon to be very honest.


Symbol; The cord around her wrist. There are many different reasons given for this. I like to think she has worked her way through the entire suit. She wears that tassel to remind her of the dark days when she was trapped in the 8 of swords.


Keen observer, Fair, Malicious, Independent, Ambitious, Vindictive, Honest, Analytical, Rigidity, a single (divorced/widowed woman)


King of Swords - “truth & kindness”

The King of Swords is a highly intellectual, analytical person – who tempers his words with some kindness and compassion. He is decisive, discriminating, and will not be swayed from what he believes to be right. He will make decisions when he needs to- but likes to reflect and research to make sure they are best decisions possible.


When you get the King of Swords;

• Make sure you approach situations with honesty, clarity and self-discipline.

• Sometimes it’s O.K. to change your mind.

Event; You might need to seek an advisor. You might need to calm a dispute, or create a managed, holistic plan to get through something.

Symbol; The cherub on his crown (and the butterflies, crescent moon and female figures on the throne) This is someone who has balanced their left side logical brain with their right-side intuitive brain. Logic and intuition- a powerful combination!


Authority, Impartial, Ruthless, Innovative, Rational, Domineering, Commitment, Drive, Opinionated, Compassionate, Consistent, Decisive, People manager, Problem solver.


Page of Pentacles - “study”

This Page studies his Pentacle with absorbed fascination. This is a self-reliant, focused, steady person whose persistence, patience and attention to detail will win the day. He will not be hurried, but enjoys the process of learning, creating and being. He finds joy in the moment, magic in being fully present. 


If you get the Page of Pentacles:

• Pay attention to details.

• Watch out, sometimes it’s important to take a break and relax from your own high standards.


Event; There may be an opportunity to study or learn. There may be an improvement in your financial situation.


Symbol; There is a surprising lack of symbols in this card,. The landscape is fertile but with out note, the sky is golden but clear. His clothes are simple but well made. Everything in this card is drawing our eye to exactly what the page is focused on- that pentacle. The magic of manifesting that comes with total focus. Is it me or is that pentacle almost floating?


Study, Good-natured, Pettiness, Reliable, Focused, Lazy, Steady, Organised, Shoddy, Magical, Transcendent.


Knight of Pentacles- “careful planner”

The knight of Pentacles is diligent, hard working and reliable. When he says he’s going to get the job done. He’ll get it done. But don’t expect him to rush, after all preparation is the key to a good job.


If you get the Knight of Pentacles;

• It’s a methodical, practical approach that is needed right now.

• Don’t get stuck in a rut.


Event; Money coming in, firm offers in your favour, things moving (however slowly) in the direction you hoped for.


Symbol; The greenery on his helmet, and the horses head. This is a knight (who when he finally commits) commits with mind, body and soul.


Practical, Methodical, Plodding, Realistic, Patient, Dull, Dependable, Perseverance, Complacent


Queen of Pentacles - “earth mother”


The Queen of Pentacles is the friend you turn to for compassion, and a hug, followed by home made cake and a good natter. She’s the perfect person to offer nurture in times of need. She is mistress of hearth and home. Wise, practical, compassionate- and often a businesswoman alongside all of this. 


If you get the Queen of Pentacles;

• Nurture yourself, whether that’s a film and a tub of ice cream, a long bath or an afternoon in the garden.

• Relax and trust… your home (or business or garden or family) do not need to be managed into perfection.

Event; Probably something connected to your home, work, or health. Usually suggesting a little nurture will bring growth.


Symbol; The hare. The hare is a fascinating symbol- links to moon deities, magic, spirituality and motherhood. But most of all a hare’s life in the world is often short- with links to Easter and Sprig festivals it is a gentle reminder that the moment of birth is the start of our journey to death. To love- is in the end to lose.


Common-sense, Nurturing, O.C.D, Generous, Practical wisdom, Materialistic, Sensual, Grounded, Perfectionist


King of Pentacles - “worldly success”


Here is someone relaxed at home, at work, and in his own skin. He knows what he wants, and will work in a steadfast way to get it, though he will always find the time to relax and enjoy himself too. He finds contentment and enjoyment in the simple, practical pleasures of life.


If you get the King of Pentacles;

• Steady progress in whatever project or hope is in your heart.

• A focus on material abundance is fine, but watch out for feelings of greed and jealousy (in yourself or others).


Event; Good news, or opportunities that improve wealth, job, health or life enjoyment.


Symbol; The small wall behind the throne- this links the card to several other cards. The parapet in the 2 of wands- the start of the journey, potential. The 4 of pentacles- withdrawing to manifest your desires. Now this king is comfortable, secure- like with the sun card the wall now represents his inner feeling of security. Wealth alone can never make us feel secure- this king has an inner security.


Responsible, Content, Inflexible, Abundant, Stable, Vulgar, Jovial, Hard work, Greedy

Testimonials for my Shaman Healing

I was lucky enough to work with Siobhan Curham (published author) first using tarot & then for a shaman healing session. You may recognise me in her recent book "Something more- A spiritual Misfit's search for meaning"

"The shaman in the caravan was a no-nonsense woman with short, dark blonde hair and glasses....The shaman began drumming..and drumming. I'm not sure how long it went on for, I drifted into a deep state of relaxation, then finally she told me to come and join her sitting at the table.

I'm now going to tell you want I saw on my journey she said..."

I am very grateful to Siobhan to have chosen to share her experiences- they always belong to the client, and are never mine to share. She explains the process of a soul retrieval from the view of a client- and how it helped her move on in her personal journey.

"I returned home feeling light and happy.

A couple of hours later-while I was cleaning the dishes, bizarrely- a picture of the wild carefree person I could have been popped into my head and I burst into tears. Unlike the tears I shed the night before my parents split up, these tears felt cleansing. They were the kind of tears you shed when greeting a long-lost, much loved friend. "


Thank you Maddy, after over a year of trying to get to the bottom of my throat issues (including numerous modern medicines and alternative therapies), you managed to get to the root cause and clear it in one session!


I love how your healing is direct yet gentle but most importantly it's effective! You have a wonderful gift and I'm so glad you're sharing it with the world.

Anna Pearce

Working with Maddy has been and continues to be a very special and sacred experience for me. Maddy's intuitive wisdom speaks from an ancient knowing source and her many years of practice and dedication to her own self work provide the safe and professional container. I feel held, heard and supported when we journey into the deep recesses of my shadow and beyond into the other parts of my psyche and indeed into other unworldly realms. I am profoundly changed through this work, more alive and more awake and more compassionate towards myself and others. It is an integral part of my inner work and I highly recommend Maddy as a grounded, empathic and secure guide.

Katey Rowland

"Maddy Maddy Maddy were do I start to thank you, I can move ! I sleep soundly at night no pain when I turn. I was sore at working at the pub, but not doubled over in pain and not being able to move or walk as before. My aggression while driving has gone. I feel completely at peace with myself and my light is shining again (well the day to day life is still there lol  But that's life) thank you so much again words cannot express what I feel, it is absolutely phenomenal, thank you, may I book in again once my next hospital appointments have finished when you are feel, lots of love light and blessings  Julia xxxx"

Julia Hobbs

Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I spoke my mind twice yesterday without even thinking about it, or offending anyone! And this morning I walked straight down the stairs without a thought of painful knees.


I feel refreshed and positive thanks to your healing hands.


I will be touch with regard to a soul retrieval session and would definitely like to try and attend your Wednesday evening sessions.

Thank you again Heidi x

My Shamanic Healing adventure

"I have to admit that I was not at all sure what to expect from a Shamanic Healing,  and as I had no preconceived ideas I was open to whatever was to happen.

Maddy made me very welcome and asked what I felt I needed help with.  I hadn’t really thought that through, but I did have a dodgy knee, which I didn’t mention, and I do need to loose some weight, which is pretty obvious, so told Maddy that looking at any issues to do with weight loss blocks would be a good idea.


First she scanned my body for any blocks/physic hooks, and found blocks around my knees, which she then removed. I immediately noticed a change in the pain level in my knees joints, brilliant. A great start. While Maddy drummed and guided me on a meditation, I had a really odd tight , but not unpleasant or painful, feeling in my stomach.  As the session continued it faded away. 


At the end of the session I felt uplifted and energised. I had a fresh insight as to ways forward  with my healthy eating. Most importantly I felt confident something had shifted and changed. In the couple of weeks after the session I have found it easier to make better choices about amounts of foods to eat and have really benefitted from the new insights I gained in the session. I would thoroughly recommend Maddy’s Healing sessions to anyone looking to understand themselves better."

Sue Salt

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