My Top 5 Tips for starting to read the Tarot

Tarot, how to start & succeed.

I read a lot of Facebook posts about how to memorise the Tarot cards, yet in my experience memorizing the cards is a laborious, and not particularly helpful way to learn to read the Tarot.

Before I was a tarot teacher I was an early years teacher, and my passion was teaching kids not only to read, but to love to read. Teaching children the names of the letters is a fairly laborious & very boring way to teach reading. Much better to teach the sounds of the letters, some basic words, and to engage the kids in reading really great books.

Simple books at first, perhaps they don’t even read all the words- but the story, pictures, and basic reading skills mean they pretty much get the idea of the story- before they can quite read. They are learning to read whilst enjoying reading.

I teach tarot with the same approach. I do teach a basic overview of the cards- key symbolism, suits, a little numerology. But I get my students reading from day 1, for each other & for themselves.

Because memorizing individual cards, even understanding individual cards is only the very beginning of your Tarot journey.

There are only 78 Tarot cards. Not many cards to reflect every experience known to the human race. But when you start to read in Tarot spreads- suddenly you have an infinite variety of meanings. Each card is subtly influencing the meanings of every other card in the spread. And that is when Tarot really becomes interesting. Not when you read a tarot card, when you can see the dialogue & drama between the cards.

So here is my step by step advice to reading the Tarot cards.