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J Thor (tor)

  • Protection

  • Adventure

  • Regeneration

  • Strength

  • A threat

  • Pain

  • Attack


Thor causes the monthly sickness of woman

few are aroused at this time.


Thor- torture of woman

And cliff dweller

And husband of giantess


The stories suggest he is Odin and Jord’s son.

Thor is married to Sif, drives a chariot pulled by goats (which he can eat in the evening and will regenerate over night)

The myths are full of his exploits and adventures.


He is perhaps most famous for his "hammer" which many people wear as a symbol of Thor's protection. His hammer was so powerful even Thor needed gauntlets to be able to wield it.

He is associated with thunder, lightening, protection, the thorn (links to male sexuality & protection), lightening and oddly menstruation! (He waded through a river which can be seen as menstrual blood)

The powerful symbol of protection also holds the threat of attack -because why else would we need protection.

I persevere Thor as energy, he is associated with fire as well- but to me he is pure energy. That crack of lightening that hits the earth. Curious to note that when lightening hits the earth it increases its fertility.

He is connected with the maternal line, blood line, health issues, menstruation, fertility, and can be linked to aggression and sexual aggression.

Robins & rowans- again the link with red, and blood.

There is a feeling of regeneration, and continuation. The Midgard serpent he kills, the belt he wears link him to the snake eating its own tail, the endless cycle of birth and death. Linked to the maternal blood which is the womb of creation. (and energy is neither created nor destroyed)

Beware the protector and the aggressor are both present in this rune.


Solar plexus, inner fire, self confidence.

A powerful protection- though be careful as this can throw the energy back at the perpetrator which isn’t always a good thing (Tyr is a more neutral protection)

A burst of energy to clear blocks/negative energy. Again, be careful- this energy can be explosive and create a healing crisis.

Energising, revitalising, bringing energy into a situation.

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