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B Frigg (Bjork)  

  • Healer/healing

  • Mother/wife/family

  • Wisdom

  • Greif/loss

  • "Smother" love

  • Interfering in the natural laws for personal gain

Birch tree is the limb greenest with leaves

Loki brought the luck of deceit



Birch- leafy twig

And little tree

And fresh young shrub


Frigg is Odin's wife, mother to Balder, and very much connected with herbal medicine and the power of plants.

She is known to be wise, and although she may not say much- when she does it is wise counsel.


Associated with birth, fertility, marriage, healing, wisdom. The home, thread/wool crafts, and the feminine wisdom. Frigg finds a contentment in the roles of wife and mother and has great love for her family. A matriarch in all senses of the word. Don’t overlook her based on the “bigness” of Odin’s exploits. Read the myths carefully- she sits beside him on his high seat and is fully in her power.

She is associated with new beginnings, abundance, and the seed of something that will bring joy. There is a feel of "fruitfulness" about her.

It is a deeply powerful rune connected with quiet intent and can be used to "bless" or endow any project with success. Frigg is the matriarch- she gets the job done. So, there may be a need to organise, delegate, and draft others in to help. This is a rule of practical work.

Just as Frigg can represent the birth of something wonderful, so it also can act as a warning that your plans may not go smoothly- with Loki so clearly referenced in the rune poem we must remember that even the best laid plans are open to the winds of chaos.

A deeply powerful rune, connecting us to our mother, our ancestors, our body, and our earth.

 Reminding us that wisdom and abundance is all around us- but sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and put the work in.



Herbal healing or working with plants as a shamanic ally.

Working with the natural earth- land/rocks/crystals etc.

The power of being practical, natural wsidom.

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