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h Heimdal (hagl) 

  • Structure

  • Order

  • Logic

  • Change

  • Disruption

  • Sound

  • Knowledge

Hail is the coldest of the grains

Christ (crystal?) formed the world in ancient times



Hail- cold grain

And shower of sleet

And sickness of serpents



Heimdall is the Aesir’s watcher- he guards the bio-frost bridge.

He is a sky God, has enhanced hearing, and feels old to me. As if he belongs to an older time somehow.


Heimdall is a strange mix; of structure, organisation and education (he gave birth to the classes of men- our "social structure") yet he is also a God associated with sudden change- the hailstorm.

He sacrificed his ear to Mimir's well (as Odin did his eye) and so can hear even the grass growing. He stands watch over the rainbow bridge to give warning of the frost giants attack, and his declared enemy is Loki.

There is a resonance between Odin and Heimdall- both connected with wisdom and taking an interest in the affairs of mankind. Yet Heimdall seems more reserved, calmer, to be more considered somehow.

He is change- but educated change, change from within a system, change to allow re-growth, rather than the chaotic change of Loki. He is about the system, the organisation, the perceived order of things.



The throat chakra, expressing yourself to be understood.

Anything using logic, structure or a system would come under Heimdall.

Sound healing

Active listening as a counsellor

Where you disrupt something, change it to better understand it. If you want to induce change- but in a more controlled manner than Loki. To re-organise, rather than destroy. Breaking the status quo in a more controlled manner than Loki might.

Breaking something down to better understand it.

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