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Why Tarot?

Because Tarot is a wonderful tool to reflect where you are in your life, and the best steps forward for you.

So often our minds are fixed- yet the future is not. Tarot is wonderful at showing us ways forward that we just wouldn’t have considered otherwise.


How Tarot?

By helping you to understand the images in the cards, and how they relate to everyday life.

It can be hard to try and memorise keywords for 78 cards.

My focus is practical:

Understand the 4 suits- and you have unlocked the basics of tarot.

Understand the image in the card, and you are “reading” Tarot, not memorising meanings.


Who Tarot?


Tarot can be a tool for psychic development, a creative tool, or a psychological tool. Or a blend of all of these.

You can be deeply spiritual and read Tarot, and you can be only focused on the psychological aspect.

It is really up to you, and your worldview…

Everyone can learn to read Tarot, and use it as a daily support in their life.

My popular course is re-running in September!

Why learn with me?

I have been working as a Tarot reader & Teacher for about nine years now. During those years I have taught Tarot most months. I love teaching Tarot, and have learnt how to teach in a practical and down to earth way that works. (You can check my Google/Amazon reviews for a "feel" about me).

I am committed to de-mystifying Tarot, helping everyone to find how they can best read Tarot. We are all so different, learn so differently. I am teaching you the tools to allow you to unlock your potential.

How does the course work?

It is taught live, via Zoom, weekly for six weeks.

Each session lasts about one hour- perhaps longer. Each session is recorded, and you receive the video whether you attended or not.

I want everyone (whether attending live, or watching on catch-up) to feel a part of the journey. So I encourage questions both in the live, and via email between sessions. I will answer the questions in the next session- so the teaching is an adaptable curriculum shaped to meet the needs of the group (after many years practise I am good at this blend!)


I get fed up of ultra high prices, and weird terms like "investment". The cost is simple, and hopefully affordable. £80. You'll receive some emailed noted between the sessions, and I like to feel I offer excellent value.  If you'd like to book you can do that here, or scroll down for more detailed information.

The structure of the course:

Introduction to Tarot.  19/9

How does Tarot work? Which deck to use, phrasing the question, exploring time and fate.

An in-depth exploration to all those odd questions you may have about Tarot, as well as a rock solid formula to ensure your readings are accurate, and practical tips for readers block.

A break down of the different groups of cards, and an introduction to the  4 suits- 78 cards can seem overwhelming, understanding the main groups immediately makes Tarot feel more understandable.

I'll also demonstrate my simple daily spread, with step by step how-to-do it (with PDF to support this spread)

The Court-cards. 26/9

Detailed exploration of the 4 suits. Understanding the four suits is the most powerful way to understand the minor arcana and court cards. 

Understanding the court-cards, and how to read them in a spread. Everyone gets confused by the court-cards, that's why I like to dive right in at the start and nail them!

Wands & Cups 03/10

Looking to understand what these suits mean in a reading- looking at individual cards, suits, and numerology.

I'll explore reading skills, and how to join the meaning between the cards- by looking at the story within each suit you'll start to see each card as a window, a potential, a moment- rather than keywords.

Swords & Pentacles 10/10

Looking to understand what these suits mean in a reading- looking at individual cards, suits, and numerology.

Really building your understanding of the imagery of the cards, helping you to appreciate how important LOOKING at each card is, along with trusting your intuition.

Major Arcana 17/10

Understanding the individual cards, of the major arcana, and how to read them in a spread. Why are they different to courts and minors.

Now we are building on all the understanding up to this point- suits, courts, numerology, imagery.

The Majors are the "big" cards in Tarot, and the easiest to understand. This will help you find the perspective of everything you have already learnt!

Reading Tarot 19/10

Putting it all together. Spreads, questions, reading the message between the cards- and practical advice to continue your Tarot journey.

Perhaps the most important session! I will also cover how to deal with difficult questions, difficult times. How to use Tarot as a helpful tool- even if you are upset or anxious. 

I'll cover reading for others, when not to read (and how to handle people that won't take "no" for an answer!

You can book using this button, and pay using your card or Pay Pal. I'd love you to be able to join live, but the ability to email questions/comments between sessions means you can feel a part of the journey- live or on catch up.

Not sure if my style is for you? Check me out on YouTube- I have lots of videos, or read some of my blogs, see what people say about my Tarot book. My style is the same whenever I explore Tarot- so it will give you a real feel for who I am.

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