If you are looking for ongoing help through difficult times, focused help to really achieve something, or my role as intuitive mentor I have several packages to help you.

No need to scroll through endless pages of "added value" before you find the extraordinarily high cost at the very bottom (in small print). These packages represent amazing value to you- so the prices are nice and clear.

Package #1- 10% flexibility

This is so simple. 

Pay for three appointments in advance and enjoy 10% 0ff.  Use your sessions whenever you want (within a year of purchase)- each session can be for tarot, shamanism, or a little of both. We can connect face to face, online, or by phone. Totally flexible.

Click on the approriate button for your purchase- I will then send you a link to book on my calender so you can find the best slots for you, as and when you need them.

Package #2- A Full year of guidance

I know a lot of clients like to book appointments, Tarot & Shaman, to keep their life on track. That little extra guidance and support that can make all the difference. 

With this package you purchase a year of monthly appointments with me (and they can be used for Tarot or shamanism- as best fits your need on a month by month basis).

You saving is- one of your appointments is totally free- all of the costings are for 11 appointments. 

I will remind you at the start of each month to choose the best slot for you (via my online calendar) You get to see just how much of a difference I can make in your life.

My prices will be going up soon- this is obviously a good way to ensure a full year at my current rates! To find out more, and purchase this package- just click on the link....

12 months - 30 minutes is £275

12 months- 1 hour is  £495

12 months- 90 minutes is £660

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