If you are looking for ongoing help through difficult times, focused help to really achieve something, or my role as intuitive mentor I have several packages to help you.

No need to scroll through endless pages of "added value" before you find the extraordinarily high cost at the very bottom (in small print). These packages represent amazing value to you- so the prices are nice and clear.

Package #1- 10% flexibility

This is so simple. 

Pay for three appointments in advance and enjoy 10% 0ff.  Book them as and when you want to within a year.


Decide which  appointments you want, 30 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes, or email readings. 


Email me and let me know, and I will send you a pay-pal invoice.

(email )

Once paid you'll get a private link to my mentor calendar- it has longer work hours available, and of course no further payment needed as you've paid in advance.

You can use your appointments for online, phone, face to face, tarot or shamanism- as you like (unless you've booked 3 email readings!)

Package #2- A Full year of guidance

I know a lot of clients like to book appointments, Tarot & Shaman, to keep their life on track. That little extra guidance and support that can make all the difference. 

With this package you purchase a year of monthly appointments with me (and they can be used for Tarot or shamanism- as best fits your need on a month by month basis).

You saving is- one of your appointments is totally free- all of the costings are for 11 appointments. 

I will remind you at the start of each month to choose the best slot for you (via my online calendar) You get to see just how much of a difference I can make in your life.

My prices will be going up for 2020- this is obviously a good way to ensure a full year at my current rates! To find out more, and purchase this package- just click on the link....

12 months - 30 minutes is £275

12 months- 1 hour is  £495

12 months- 90 minutes is £660

Package #3- 13 weeks to Transform your life

It does what the title says! 

Perhaps this is focused time for you as you work through anxiety, self esteem and confidence issues. 

Maybe you use it to kick start your business or creative project.

Or perhaps you have no specific agenda- it's just time set aside for you. To really nurture and support you- in the busy world where a little "me" time is often so hard to find.

The package is for 13 weeks- but if they span a holiday,  holiday season (or illness) then we can book in a break period to ensure you have 13 weeks of devoted and focused time.

This package can be all online, or blend online & face to face.

It can blend tarot and shamanism as best suits your needs.

And I am on hand to offer 3 card readings via text or messenger to keep you on track!

Week 1  - a 90 minute slot to carefully frame what we are hoping to achieve. We can explore where you are, what is blocking you, what you would like to achieve, and how I can best support you in this process.

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 you receive email guidance. A Tarot reading to reflect how you are doing, Tarot cards and positive affirmations to really empower you, and a reminder of any work you have agreed to do in this time. 


I am your inspired "accountability buddy"!

Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 you have a one hour 1-2-1 with me. Whether we use this for shadow work, brain storming, planning (with the tarot to guide), healing, reflection. What ever best suits your needs.

These session will always include ways you can continue with this work in your won time, and follow up emails to check in.

Week 13- a 90 minute session to bring everything together. Celebrate the successes, problem solve any issues outstanding, and plan how you will continue to implement this work. 

This is personalised just for you- I am not sending pre-formed "worksheets"  or general tarot readings. Everything is personally written just for you.

By working together in this way we create an energy together, a momentum, an understanding which is supportive and inspiring.


 I am on hand to answer quick queries by email or text Tuesday through to Saturday (or send reminders if you need that extra help to stay on track!)

The cost for the full 13 week package is £800- which you can pay in two payments of £400 if you prefer (one at the start, and one at the midway point)

If you are interested- but not sure if this package is right for you then you can book a free 20 minute clarity call using my calendar here.

If you would like to book this package please email me a little bit about how you would like me to help you so I can check we are a good match. 

If you would rather create a different package- let me know what you would like and I will create a package for you.

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