Welcome Tarot reading offer

Hello! I am so glad you found my welcome offer. 

There are a lot of Tarot readers out there, how do you know if I am the right reader to help you?

That's why I offer an introductory offer, so you can see if I can help you.

You can book an email reading for £10. I will answer up to 5 specific questions, or look at one area of you life in depth to try and offer you genuine clarity. I charge £20 for this reading so it is half price. 

If you would rather book a face to face, skype or telephone reading I can offer you a 30% discount on my regular prices.

Just head to my calendar here & use the voucher code WELCOMEOFFER (all one word) when booking  your reading or healing. 

I am passionate about using Tarot as a tool to guide, reflect and inspire. I have seen it change lives, and I am looking forward to helping you. 


I understand there is a lot of trust in choosing a tarot reader, or shaman-  this is my way of letting you try my services at my best process to see if I can make a difference to your life. 

Were you  looking for my free tarot crib sheets? You can find them here.

Would you like to book my £10 email offer? Here is my PayPal button, then just let me know what you'd like me to read about. 

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Got a question? You can email me at: maddy@maddyelruna.co.uk


Or telephone: 0796 473 6891

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