Come along to one of my tarot workshops and the first thing you will notice is how much I love teaching tarot! I'd be hard pressed to say what I love most about my job....but it probably is teaching tarot. It's where I started- and my tarot workshops have been running for some years now.

I teach most months (take a look at the dates at the bottom) and you start the course where you want and keep going until you have completed the modules, or just come to the ones that suit you. 

My style of teaching is-

  • To bring meaning to the images in the cards. 

  • To keep it practical- comparing the cards to real life examples. 

  • To demonstrate reading, and leave lots of space for questions.

  • Back up everything with comprehensive handouts- so you don't have to make lots yourself.

  • Lots of practise reading in the workshop. Most people learn best through doing.

These workshops are perfect for you if-

  • You are curious about tarot and would love to learn more.

  • You already use tarot and want to really deepen your skill.

  • You are looking to use Tarot professionally (I also offer 1-2-1 business mentoring if this is the way you want to go)

The cost for the workshop is £45, bring a light snack- teas & coffee free flowing through out. 

Please pay a £15 deposit to reserve your place. 

The workshop runs from 10.15-2.15. I do hold Tarot & Tea afterwards (find out more here) if you would like to come to both and have a full tarot day then do bring some food. I have plenty of drinks but there is no local shop. The combined cost for both is £55. 

Upcoming dates 

  • 9th June Tarot and relationships (friends, family, co-workers & love) and the suit of cups.

  • 7th July Tarot & money (covering work & abundance) and the suit of pentacles

  • 15th September Middle group of major arcana & TBC

  • 13th October Last group of major arcana &TBC

  • 9th June

  • The suit of cups this month! getting lost in the stormy emotions that make up the darkest suit of the deck.....

  • Our focus for spreads will be relationships. Whether you choose to explore romance, friendships, work colleagues or family- I will teach you my bullet proof relationship spread. 

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