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Online Tarot workshops

Tarot Topics by Zoom

Teaching Tarot by Zoom has been a real game changer for me. I get to chat to people from around the world, and know that even if schedules are complicated the workshops are recorded so you can watch the session in your own time.

​These workshops are not teaching individual cards,  I am focusing on practical ways to use the cards.


Each workshop is recorded, so you can re-watch as many times as you like. I aim to make them practical, fun, and suitable for all levels of readers. The workshops are monthly, on a Monday evening- and you automatically receive a recording if you've booked your place.

The workshops are only £11, and I am keeping the price low at the moment (mostly because I love teaching them!

You can book them individually, or pay a monthly subscription and never miss a workshop! (I will automatically add you)

 April: Tarot to improve anxiety and overwhelm.

May: How tarot works, where does the information come from?

June: Understanding relationship dynamics (relationship/work/family).

July: Tarot to communicate with spirit guides (or higher guidance).

August: Problem solving with the Tarot- when you just feel blocked in life!