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Online Tarot workshops

Tarot Topics by Zoom

Teaching Tarot by Zoom has been a real game changer for me. I get to chat to people from around the world, and know that even if schedules are complicated the workshops are recorded so you can watch the session in your own time.

  • Practical Tarot topics- exploring how to read Tarot, and how to use Tarot.

  • Always pitched both at the pro reader, with tips about how to read for others. And at the total newbie- with practical advice about how to read for yourself. 

  • Fully recorded- so you can watch on catch up, or re-watch the video if helpful.

  • An hours teaching based on the topic, always opportunities to ask questions.

  • A practical and fun way to learn more about Tarot!

(Looking to learn individual cards? I have a pre-recorded workshop on that coming out soon, and my book "Tarot, a life guided by the cards" is being published in April 2022)

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January 10th. How to read, even when you have readers block...

February 7th. Problem solving with Tarot, be your own life coach!

March 7th. The difference between cards that seem similar.

​Tarot Topics for 2022 (I'll add the date- roughly every three weeks) and booking link as we go through the year. If you don't see what you are looking for- just ask!

  • Different tarot decks, which deck to use and why.

  • How tarot works, where does the information come from? The impact of spiritual views on tarot.

  • The difference between cards that seem to have similar meanings.

  • Timing and tarot (and when it goes wrong)

  • Shadow work and tarot- what is it, and how to do it.

  • Taking away the esoteric, every day meanings for the cards.

  • Problem solving with tarot- be your own life coach!

  • Using tarot to speak to your spirit guides (and what is a spirit guide anyway!)

  • Tarot taboos, the things they say you shouldn't do (and how to handle it when someone asks anyway).

  • My life as a tarot pro. What I love, what I struggle with, and how it feels to read as a full time job.

  • Who am I? Who are you? (yes- its the court cards again, I love the court cards!)

  • Finding the story between the cards- the key to detailed readings.

  • Finding the blessing in the darkest of cards (or learn to love the Tower)

  • How to read the picture- looking at the nuts and bolts of symbolism.

  • Finding the warning in the happiest of cards, looking for the balance.

  • Numerology- how to use the numbers to tie together a reading.

  • Soul retrieval Tarot spread, finding the part you lost.