Stav Gatherings in the Old barns

The Stav weekend is rebooked for the first weekend in October. 

I have several dates booked where we can gather and explore Stav if you want.  On these days;

There is already a Seidr Circle running from 12.30-3. 

After that I have access to the barns through until Sunday 3pm.  We can camp in the barns if we choose.

Basically- I am happy to hold further Seidr sessions and share any wisdom I may have. If any one from the Stav tradition is able to come and teach, share, lead- please let me know. I would love to make this a real hub of sharing our tradition.

The basic cost to attend is £35 for the Saturday, and £42 if you want to stay through to the Sunday.  It covers coffees & teas, and a simple breakfast (if you are staying). 

If you are able to teach Stav please contact me so we can discuss what you can offer, and adjust prices. I am aiming to cover costs, rather than run this as part of my business. 


As and when I have confirmed martial teachers able to attend I will update this page. 


April 4th

June 6th

October 3 & 4th (Full weekend, price to be confirmed)

December 5th

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