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A full day, in person workshop exploring how the runes can be used for spiritual guidance, prediction, and to better understand a situation.

The day will include a led shamanic journey to connect with Odin, Lokk-seidr, and practical rune readings with support.

You'll finish the day with the experience and information  you need to start reading the runes!

 We meet in some beautiful barns in the woodland, with free parking, warm indoor space, hot drinks and toilet. (there is one staircase). We are based between Uckfield & Lewes, with a bus stop very close (29, Halfway House Pub- bus stop.)


This workshop is on the 3rd March, welcome from 10, starts at 10.30- finishing at 3.30, but chat and grounding until 4.00 (a chance to ask questions, breathe, gather yourself)

The session will include:

  • Group chanting (lokk) to bring us together as a group, release stress, and perhaps create an altered state of consciousness.

  • led journey using drum to connect with Odin.

  • An introduction to each of the 16 runes, with practical ways to understand them.

  • A crib-sheet to help you get started.

  • Practical sessions where we read the runes to have a go!

  • A discussion about fate, time, and free will.

  • A chance to ask as many questions as you want!

  • Fellowship- a friendly time, shared with good folk.

I will have rune sets you can use on the day, and/or buy if you fancy, as well as copies of my rune booklet.

No previous experience needed, but experience most welcome!

I moved to Orkney in 1999 to learn rune-lore and lokk-seidr from Shaun Brassfield Thorpe and have been working with the runes ever since. Studying, journeying through, reading , singing them, healing with them- and generally exploring how they can be used. 

This workshop is based on 8 years of working with the runes to support clients lives through my professional work, as well as many years personal study and use.


I only teach what I have experienced or understood on a personal level, though it is based on the Stav lineage.

Numbers are very limited, the price is within £65-£80 depending on your circumstances. A £30 deposit holds your place, then you can pay the rest on the day. Plenty of hot drinks and snacks, please bring a light lunch (there are no shops!)

This is part of a series of courses;

March 3rd; Rune reading. We'll look  at time, fate, the runes, all the ins and outs of how to use runes for wise counsel (I will have runes sets you can borrow or buy).

June 2nd; Rune magic. I'll take you through the steps of a basic bind-rune, and how to use it magically to create change in your life. There'll be a chance to create one on the day with my personal support.

July 7th; Grounding and protecting. Exploring all the techniques I use for grounding and protecting- breathing, sound, rune magic, opening & closing space, journeying, and working with specific deities.

October 5th/6th; Journeying. A full weekend exploring the axis mundi of the world tree- and where we can journey to with chant, drum and gong. Basic accommodation available if you like to stay and chat into the evening.

November 3rd; Chant. Exploring the "lokk" (chant) and how it can be used for journeying, healing, protection, clearing, and magic.

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