Finding your spirit guide is one of the most powerful things you can do.

It is like finding a missing part of yourself. It is the start of a deeply empowering relationship.

This is a gentle workshop- with a series of led meditations (using drum and my gong to really enhance the experience)to take you to different landscapes to find your spirit guide. 

This may be an animal, ancestor, angel, Deity, nature spirit....sometimes people have met their spirit guide but just didn't realise!

And just in case you're worrying- you've done led meditations before, and they didn't really help you.

  • Doing this work in a group, with a shaman leading the way is really powerful.

  • Combining chant, led shamanic meditation, drum, gong and crystals is really supportive to this work.

  • I have several other techniques to help you connect with your spirit guide. 

If you don't form a connection you will leave with a list of practical techniques you can use at home.

If this hasn't worked I am happy to offer you a discounted one hour 1-2-1 (costing you £35) and I will find your spirit guide for you.

As you can see- I am determined & dedicated- because I know how valuable this work is!

I have a maximum of 9 people on this workshops. So if you'd like to come please pay a £20 deposit here. The full workshop is either £55, or £65 depending on your income. If you can pay £65 please do- you are supporting someone else on a lower income to come. 

The workshop runs from 10.30-4, I will email you all the details when I receive your deposit.