What is a rune- and how to understand them.

As I step forward more into teaching the rune-lore that underpins my beloved seidr work I find I am being asked questions that I understand the answer to- but struggle to translate into words. One of the fundamental questions being “what is a rune?”

I wanted to explain how I understand a rune (though experience is probably a better word), and decided the best way was to use the runes. So I created a bind rune using the younger futhark.

I'm still struggling to express exactly what a rune is- possibly the nearest I can get to at the moment is "a symbol to represent an archetypal energy"

My bind rune looking at the individual runes & their associated deity-

The Norns represents the web, and the awareness that each rune is a part of a bigger whole.

Freya Represents “self” the rune needs to make sense in my life, it’s important I develop a personal understanding of each rune.

Freya also represents Seidr- Much of my personal understanding has come t