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My "win-win" solution in a Tarot reading

Many of my clients approach me with a hoped for goal they want clarity on:

“When will she come back to me?”

“Will I get my promotion this Summer?”

Will my house sell for the asking price?”

“When will I find love?”

Where possible I try to use what I call my “win-win” formula when I answer these questions. That practical advice that will help them, right now, regardless of the predicted outcome.

Many Tarot readers (including me) use a variation of the past/present/future lay out for their Tarot spread. But have you ever thought why?

By reading for the past we can validate we are reading accurately, and we start to get a flow of the story.

By reading for the present we can include advice- asking the Tarot how to bets use the only power we ever have; right now.

Most people just want to know the future (which I totally get) but:

· Without having read for the past- how can you trust me with the future?

· If the future is not fixed (and I honestly believe it isn’t) surely you want a little advice to help create your best future?

Which leads me to my win-win solution. I try to find that magic advice that will help whether the outcome is what my client wants, or not.

I still read for the past, and the future, and I am still honest about the likelihood of their future hopes happening or not happening.

My most usual spread is a simple 9 card grid. 3 cards for the past, 3 cards for the present (which can be read as advice) and 3 cards for the most likely future.

I am very clear in reading the three cards for the present- this is advice from the Tarot, regardless of the preferred outcome from the client. Whatever you have asked for these are advice for your highest good- without ego or expectation of outcome.

Often if someone is asking about love the advice cards are about self love, spending time with friends, or developing a hobby. When asking about work these cards are often about self-confidence, work/life balance or time management. My job is not to just predict the future, nor to get lost in the narrative of what you want to happen. It’s to help you find that empowering advice that will help now you regardless of what the future may hold.

Honestly- this can be a hard line to hold because often ALL clients want to know is the answer to which ever question they have asked!

So as an example (and I’m really condensing my Tarot reading to give the bare narrative) here is a spread I did for myself this morning “How will my business (Tarot/shaman/rune) look in 18 months time.

The past (3 swords/4 of pentacles/9 swords) is spot on. I really boosted my business to escape a domestic abuse situation. And my work (as a reader/teacher & author) is always deeply personal.

The present- if I was reading for a client I would spend more time on this line than any other;

9 of pentacles: I need to believe in myself, be organised, own my success and monetise my skills well.

8 wands: Keeping the business running smoothly! I definitely need a little less client time, and a little more admin time to keep on top of things.

3 of pentacles: Continue building my firm foundation. I am drawn to the three people in the card- I work with and teach three topics (Tarot, Shamanism & Runes) but Tarot is far easier to write about than the other 2. I need to balance my business out.

The most likely future (ace swords/7 pentacles/Empress)

I see this as writing more books (ace of swords- writing, 7 of pentacles harvesting my knowledge, Empress- creativity). I loved writing my Tarot book (Tarot- a life guided by the cards) and the reviews have been really positive. I am exploring writing 2 more- on shamanism and rune-lore.

At the end of a reading, I like to look back, does it all tie in? Now I have the whole story does it still make sense?

I wrote my Tarot book as a cathartic experience following my marriage breakdown (the copies my beta readers read were very raw! It has been well edited to remain personal, but perhaps not such an outpouring of grief!!). I learnt so much in writing that book, but perhaps the biggest lesson has been in reading the reviews and hearing what people think. If I manage my time well (middle line) and get a good balance between client hours and income, then I would love to write more books.

And that “magical advice” that works whatever the outcome?

Whether I choose to write or not (I will!) then better managing my business now (admin/prices/balancing my three skill areas) will build a stronger business and give me the much craved for better home/work balance.

It can be easy to look at Tarot advice and think it's "obvious" (because it often is!) But I tend to over complicate things, and get the balance of my business of centre as a way of dealing with low-self esteem. So this advice is actually exactly what I needed to hear.


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