All about Tarot spreads

I was recently asked to hold a Zoom workshop on Tarot spreads, I said yes without really thinking- as a Tarot pro obviously I can teach Tarot spreads. Until I sat down to prepare for the workshop....

I have two main spreads I use, a “reflection” spread to check in with the client at the start of a reading- a simplified Celtic cross. And a relationship spread, which can be tweaked and varied. Everything else is a case of listening to my client and drawing the cards as I seem most appropriate.

So I decided to explore my internal processes when creating a tarot spread and I came up with some fascinating ideas (well I found them fascinating!)

There are only really five types of spread, within which all other (I have no doubt there will be exceptions, but in general terms) all other spreads are included.

#1 Reflections- How am I doing?

#2 Flow- What has happened, what is going to happen next?

#3 Choice- What should I do?

#4 Relationship- How does s/he feel about me?

#5 Snapshots- A wider overview on life areas.

If I’m honest Clients are almost always only interested in three things..

What’s going to happen next

What should I do?

Does he love me?

I find the other two readings very helpful in a longer session with a client.