The best way to do a yes/no tarot reading

#1 Decide if the question can be answered (and is best answered) with a yes/no question.

I have seem some mightly strange tarot card combinations in my time that simply make no sense at all. Almost always this is because the question can not be answered by the tarot- and the cards are trying to give an honest answer even when the question is crap.

There are so many questions where it just isn’t that simple. The answer is a sort of muddled, in the middle, maybe, could be, perhaps answer. So before you decide which is the best “yes/no” spread take a good look at the question.

I often like to add a “third, as yet unknown” option, or re-write the question so it is more predictive “what is most likely to happen” rather than a simple black or white option.

#2 Consider how you think tarot, fate, and the future work.

I believe the future is unwritten. The Tarot reflects my clients past, unconscious, hopes and fears. It then predicts the most likely outcome based on what has already happened (with the subtle addition of picking up on other people in my clients life too).

The more fixed someone’s mind is- the more likely they are to create that future. The more undecided, chaotic someones mind is- the more likely they are to change the future.