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Shaman- what does it actually mean?

I often have great difficulty putting my shaman experience and ideas into words.

I have been unbelievable blessed to have worked with some inspiring & gifted teachers, and most of my understanding has come from experience. In fact, I haven't actually read many shaman books.

Recently I have been pondering what "shaman" means to me.

#1 I believe the non-physical world is as important as the physical.

My experience has shown me there is so much more than what we can physically see. I have heard things, seen things, experienced lifetimes & relationships in the non-physical world that have are as real & important as the physical reality.

#2 I believe that working with the non-physical reality can bring changes in to the physical world.

I have experienced this myself and had feedback from clients. Working in the shadow lands to clear energy blocks, heal, or open new paths to possibilities- creates change in the physical world.

I have rattled to remove difficult energy form the aura around an ankle, and had a client stand comfortably on it for the first time in ages.

I have cut ties with people that were causing intense misery in my life and seen them melt out of my life.

I have healed wounds from past lifetimes, and had clients report their lives have opened up.

Perhaps you are sceptical, and put it all down to the power of the mind? I agree- the mind is mighty powerful, and a big part of this non-physical reality.

I think in a way I have been working in this way for so long now, I see it as perfectly ordinary. More recently as I have been doing a lot more shaman healing I have come to consider what my focus is, how I want to use these skills.

#3 To bring back a sense of harmony by releasing blocks & restoring balance.

A lot of my work is helping a client to let go of negative energy, thoughts, emotions & "karma" from ancestors & past lives.

It can seem like someone is weighed down, and unable to live lightly or with joy- though are not quite sure why. I have come to appreciate it is not my job to diagnose or decide how a client will feel after the healing. Simply to use my skills & experience to release the blocks & create harmony- allowing my client to feel more whole.

Harmony between what?

Mind, body, aura & soul.

Left & right brain.

Past, present & future possibilities.

Hopes & fears

The chakra's

And what ever else is shown to be dis-harmonious!

Having mentioned my teachers at the start, I'd like to talk a little about my path and those that showed me along the way.

Emma Restall Orr. I'm not sure how it happened, I spotted a weekend course in the back of Pagan Dawn, and I took the plunge. It was the maddest of weekends & I tumbled head long into Druidry & Shamanism. I didn't quite know what to expect, but was left knowing I wanted to experience more.

Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe. This is when I found myself. I heard tales of the Norse Gods and realised I was home. It was windy & cold in Sanday, and I was battered & bruised from the martial training. But I loved the shamanic work we did, it remains the basis of all that I do.

Evelyn Brodie & George Christie. When I realised I was pulled to work as a shaman I needed a sound tool box of techniques that would channel my existing skills. I looked for someone who would respect my experience but teach me how to heal others. I was lucky. I found two teachers and since have qualified as Temenos Touch ® practitioner

"A temenos is a protected physical and emotional space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching."

As my journey continues I will try a little harder to put my experiences into words...

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