Shaman- what does it actually mean?

I often have great difficulty putting my shaman experience and ideas into words.

I have been unbelievable blessed to have worked with some inspiring & gifted teachers, and most of my understanding has come from experience. In fact, I haven't actually read many shaman books.

Recently I have been pondering what "shaman" means to me.

#1 I believe the non-physical world is as important as the physical.

My experience has shown me there is so much more than what we can physically see. I have heard things, seen things, experienced lifetimes & relationships in the non-physical world that have are as real & important as the physical reality.

#2 I believe that working with the non-physical reality can bring changes in to the physical world.

I have experienced this myself and had feedback from clients. Working in the shadow lands to clear energy blocks, heal, or open new paths to possibilities- creates change in the physical world.

I have rattled to remove difficult energy form the aura around an ankle, and had a client