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The 4 of pentacles- a lesson in ebb & flow

As a tarot reader & author I often find myself just "throwing a few cards down" as I wait for a client, or a photo to upload. The problem with tarot- is it is always meaningful.

I remember one of my first ever workshops. Climbing on to the table to "demonstrate" how a reading works. "This is just a dummy run" I said as I shuffled, lay the cards, and realised it was quite a personal reading all about me. I have learnt a lot since then, though I still demonstrate by reading for myself in workshops (teaching relationship readings- what would improve my marriage- & the ace of wands popped up. No explanation needed for that "advice" card- if you're new to tarot, just google Ace of wands- it will become clear!)

I pay attention to those odd mini readings now. Recently the Tower & 9 of swords was domination- psychological changes. Now I am stalked by the 4 of pentacles. And it has been STRONGLY manifesting in my life.


This has been an expensive month! All very worthwhile costs (including a laptop, further shamanic training, holiday, ballroom gown (not for me I add) & 2 birthdays next month!. I am trying to juggle my money, be aware that all this costs are things I am willing to pay, and be creative in how I cut back in some things to cover these costs. But yes, finances is very much at the front of my mind right now.


It is a 4 (a strong, stable square) and it is earth (grounded & stable). This is a card about BOUNDARIES!. I realise that I have let these slip. Taking calls from clients instead of letting the phone ring, and ringing back at a time that suited me is a key one. As well as answering emails as they come in (a really bad habit), & not taking proper time off.

My issue with boundaries became very clear yesterday. I woke up tired, no clients booked in- so I could have easily had a slow morning with the kids. Instead I started pulling out all the bags of "stuff" from the cupboard under the stairs. Even as I did it I knew it was the wrong move, I needed a break "keep going" yelled my grumpy inner critic "no slacking". Until I slipped on a wet paving slab, landed flat on my front, feeling very shaken. I was very, very lucky. No damage done, but I did sit for an hour & watch some T.V with a cup of tea.

I love how Tarot can do that- reinforce what you know is right, even if your stubborn inner critic refuses to listen!

Money & self esteem

I have been working through my relationship with money, and it has been very helpful. I am managing household finances in a far better way. Now it seems I need to re-evaluate my business finances.

I Have been asked to provide some services (mentoring & shaman teaching) that as yet I have offered in very ad-hoc manner. This will involve restructuring certain areas of my business, and increasing the prices I charge for certain services. I am shocked at how difficult I am finding this! A strange circumstance when clients are asking me to step up what I offer, and asking me how much I will charge as my current pricing structure is unsuitable.

I will me doing exactly what the chap in the 4 of pentacles is doing.

Checking in with how I feel about pricing (pentacle over the heart)

Checking in with my spirit guide/intuition (pentacle over the crown)

Checking in with the amount of work commitment it will take (pentacles on feet)

To allow me to offer a fair price.

Time to be still.

I know many people see the 4 of pentacles as money based, perhaps even as scrooge. But every card has so much wisdom to offer. And pentacles can mean so much more than money!

I see someone who has withdrawn from life (see how busy the world is in the background) to contemplate life.

Room to reflect, and plan, and dream, and grow.

Right now I think that is the main message for me in the 4 of pentacles.

And when I do an email tarot reading at the end I read it through, and I like to "tie up". I like all the points to come together, so there is a sense of a cohesive message from the reading. Different cards, saying the same thing, from a slight different angle.

And here I have one card, all saying the same thing, but from a slightly different angle.

If I manage my money well, set fair process that reflect my time & experience, and develop solid personal & professional boundaries- then there is time for me to "be" & to reflect, and plan, and dream, and grow.

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