Fortune Telling tarot- how I learnt to love telling the future.

Does Tarot foretell the future?

Can the future be predicted?

Is it ethical to foretell the future?

For anyone involved in tarot, the complexities of "fortune telling" has to be considered at sometime.

My opinions have changed over time. When I first started professionally I was quite worried about the responsibility of the sowing the seeds of future possibilities in a clients mind. And yet even when I did readings clearly grounded in guidance & counselling- some cards hinted at future possibilities and to ignore them seemed strange.

I was particularity challenged when a client came to me very upset about a prediction another Tarot reader had offered concerning her health, and the future happiness of a pregnancy. She came to me to re-read the future and confirm the other readers prediction.

This was a nightmare situation;

  • Health, and pregnancy.

  • Third party reading (involving two children & the husband)

  • Re-looking at another readers prediction