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How does Tarot work? And could it help you?

How does Tarot work?

There are several different ways;

Tarot reflects your unconscious, mapping out the future you are creating by the beliefs & expectations you hold in your unconscious.

This is a powerful way of working because if you don’t like the future you are creating, you can make changes to your unconscious and change your future.

Tarot reflects your higher self. I believe we all have a wiser part of ourselves, which is often overwhelmed and drowned out by day to day stress.

A tarot reading can reflect what your higher self is trying to tell you, but your head is just too busy to hear.

This is why clients often say “Ohh, I knew that really”

Tarot uses psychic ability. Perhaps we’d better pause and consider what “psychic” means. To me it means “knowing” something that is not knowable through normal senses & information.

Tarot stills that logical left brain, and can allow connection to; the unconscious, collective unconscious, higher guidance, akashic records, spirit guides, the divine source & departed souls.

How do I know if you are getting true information?

The best way to check & see if I ( or any other Tarot reader) is really getting a connection is to ensure that at least part of the reading is reflecting something that is happening, or has happened. A reading that only focuses on the future cannot be validated.

This isn’t about “testing” your Tarot reader, just about at least part of the reading resonating with what you know to be true.

Does Tarot predict the future?

At the risk of being confusing. Yes, and no.

I do not think the future is fixed, in fact my experience is that the future is not fixed

A Tarot reading predicts the future you are creating right now- with the hopes, fears, expectations & conditioning you hold.

I tend to find my clients minds are fixed, not their futures.

And this is great news for you, and the most important part about reading tarot. It means that if I see troubles ahead (and, I usually do, life is like that) then I can also look at how you can best deal with those troubles, or often avoid them altogether.

Many years ago the cards were clear my marriage was over. I read for how to best improve my marriage- simple practical advice came up. Including talking more (with 3 kids under 5 we were mostly just busy or exhausted). I followed the advice and we are still happily married.

Tarot need not predict THE future, it can help you to find the best future for you.

Glimpsing ahead to look at possible pitfalls & potentials.

After the Tarot reading how you use the information is really up to you. The reading doesn't change anything, except possibly your mind- about what you would like to do.

That clarity, confidence, and appreciation of just how much choice you have in life. That is the real gift of a Tarot reading with me.

Would you like to try a tarot reading and see?

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"Maddy is a rare find – an amazingly accurate tarot reader who is down to earth and honest in her approach.

Kind but straight talking, you can ask her anything and she will give you helpful advice.

She has helped me with many issues, and I trust her above all other tarot readers (and I’ve seen a few!!)"

Rachel Burge

"Maddy is a compassionate and insightful tarot reader. Each time I have had a reading she has helped to guide and clarify my visions and decision making process.

Maddy has an intuitive way of seeing what is beneath the surface and bringing that to light .

I always come away feeling clearer"

​Adi Howarth, Hummingbird Homeothopy


I loved that reading it's filled me with joy and right on the nail about a lot of points.

Thank you so much"

"I have had several readings with Maddy over the years and they have always been accurate, heart-centred and full of tangible information"

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