When the client says "you are wrong, that is just not right"

I had a reading the other day, and I felt the cards were very clear. My client was being run ragged by her friends needs and clearly needed to redefine her relationships.

She was very clear in her answer "absolutely not"

This is one example, but it happens a lot. I see a clear reading, which my client then completely denies.

The main reason being, often Tarot readings are reaching into someone's shadow. And the whole point about shadow is-it is something they are choosing not to recognize.

I've even had a fair amount of anger from clients, especially if they have come to me about a relationship and I dare to suggest they need to look at their own behavior as well as their partners! They have pushed all their own responsibility for relationship difficulties deep into their shadow, and do not want to be reminded about that.

Here are my 5 top tips for dealing with a client (paid or unpaid) who simply says "no" to a reading.

#1 Always check in with your own intuition. It is possible that your mind wondered during the reading, & the client is right.

Whenever a client disagrees with a reading I always pause and check in. Some times my m