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The POWER of the 4 of pentacles

I have come to think the the 4 of pentacles is a life lesson in how to achieve success & abundance, or whatever it is you desire.

I know often this card is thought of as greedy card, clutching to keep what you have.

But there is another side to this card, a message that offers clear guidance in how to achieve financial security- which is a genuine blessing. We all need food & housing.

Lets look closely at where the pentacles are placed.

He has one on his crown chakra -connecting him to divine inspiration

One one his heart chakra -love & desire

Two on the soles of his feet -connecting him to the earth, practical work & physical manifestation

I've studied a fair amount in my time, and my own spiritual journey as led me through Wicca, Druidry, Paganism, Shamanism & other paths.

My understanding of how to manifest anything in this world-whether you are looking at spell work, ritual work, or psychology is this;

Crown Chakra

It really helps if you are inspired in your desire. I learnt this most from Druidry where they call it "Awen" To be inspired is to be connected to something bigger than you. If you are spiritual you may call this God, Spirit guides, Universal Energy.

You may consider it is a connection within you. Perhaps to your own unconscious, right brain, or higher self.

The key with the 4 of pentacles is not to be defined by my spiritual path, but to use the terms that suit your belief system.

Heart Chakra

I believe to really achieve anything we have to emotionally connect to it. It is important to feel, to desire, to work with the emotions as well as the mind.

A lot of people use this technique, from vision boarding, positive visualization, day dreaming, creating dream tarot spreads & meditating on them!

I believe what happens when we engage with our emotions in this way is that it sinks down into our unconscious, and what you hold in your unconscious is a clear indicator of what you will achieve and manifest in life. I love Joseph Murphey's book "The Power of your Subconscious Mind"

"Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories or dogmas you write, engrave or impress on your subconscious mind, you shall experience them as the objective manifestations of circumstances, conditions and events.

What you write on the inside, you will experience on the outside"

The problem is a lot of people stop there.

The mantra of positive though is wonderful & great.

Having a clear intent that you identify with and motivates you is wonderful.

But there is always left the most important stage (the 2 pentacle step as it were)

Soles of the feet.

The universe is a wonderful place.

Many people achieve wonderful things.

But almost all of them had to put in a whole lot of effort to achieve there success, desire, dream.

Two pentacles for the feet. All that inspirational & dreamy wishful thinking is great. But you have to actually get up and get on with it.

God does move mountains, but you'd better bring a shovel.

When I first started studying the tarot I decided to focus on the two most (in my opinion) influential modern decks; Rider-Waite & Thoth. I know this decision has heavily influenced how I read, and teach, Tarot. So having written this blog I was curious to dig out my Thoth deck and take a look.

As always genuinely amazed by the beauty, power and depth of this deck.

My favorite modern deck is the Mary El, "All things in One is the Four....stability, power, perfection, strength, perfect harmony"

If you are unsure of the sheer expansiveness of your own right brain there is a great T.E.D talk which you can see HERE

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