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Using Tarot to Ease Stress


Pick a card you love. A card that helps you to feel more at ease, more confident, more hopeful. Use this card to meditate on. (3 of wands is always a good choice...)

This helps in two clear ways;

Meditation is a fantastic way to help ease stress.

The card sinks into your unconscious, helping you to achieve a more positive state of mind.


It is very easy to get caught in a panic mode, leading to either over work, or total procrastination. And whatever you are doing, there is a lingering, nagging, doubt. Your stress is still there.

So get your tarot cards out. Use them as a planning tool. You may decide to plan something unrelated to your stress ( a holiday, craft project, garden make over). Or you could use them to help inspire you through whatever it is that is stressing you;

  1. Draw out, list, write, doodle your project & the steps you need to take you there.

  2. Consciously choose cards to represent these steps & outcome. You are creating a vision board.

  3. Shuffle the remaining cards (or a second complete deck if you have it) and pull “advice” cards for each of the steps.

  4. Use the advice cards as a tool for self-reflection, inspiration, meditation- rather than prediction.


It is all too easy to get caught in the stress of now, and fears for the future. Forgetting how strong, capable & resilient you have been in the past.

Think back over your life;

  • Make a list of significant times for you.

  • Now consciously choose up to 3 cards to represent each of these times.

  • Make sure at least one card in each trio represents you.

Goal setting

What would make a real difference to your life, that you are in control of?

More exercise, healthier eating, better planning, more relaxation, house spring-clean….

  • Choose the Tarot card you most associate with and place it in the center (of your desk, floor, bed!)

  • Now carefully look through your tarot cards & consciously chose one card to represent each of the steps you could take to improve your life.

  • Place them around your initial tarot card. If something is quite straight forward place it near your central card (eat more fresh food). If something will take a bit more time (train as a Reiki healer) place it further away.

  • You’ll end up with a visual map of the things YOU can do, to improve your life.

This exercise can also be done focused on a more specific issue; to improve my health, to increase my business, to have more joy.

Using The Tarot cards in this reflective, meditative way can be really inspiring.

We all get set in certain mind sets, that is in part simply down to how brains function;

“The neural past interferes with the neural present. Experience methodically rewires the brain, and the nature of what it has seen dictates what it can see” (A general theory of love)

In other words, when you try to problem solve, reflect or plan- you are restricted by what you have already experienced in your life.

Using the Tarot to support your problem solving, reflection & planning opens your mind to new possibilities. That has to be worth a go….

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