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Court-cards, lets get personal

The 16 court-cards are an intimate reflection of you.

The different roles you play, the different sides of you.

They can reflect the best, and the worst of you.

Separate the 16 court cards from the rest of the deck.

Now look through them, one by one and create a pile of those you don't like.

I am asking you to be very subjective here. I know each card contains a balance of blessings, wisdom & difficulties....

But lets try and imagine they are real people;

Which one would you dread being stuck with?

(o.k if I was stuck in a lift the knight of wands or swords would be a nightmare- all that pent up energy...)

Now, imagine you are away at a conference, you have to split into pairs and talk for two hours about your life . Look across the room at the 16 people there- which one fills your heart with dread?

The Queen of pentacles? She'll suggest popping to the lovely coffee shop over the road. She'll be honest, engaging, caring- and slightly distracted by the people around her.

The knight of swords? Puffing out his chest, desperate to do this "Right" with his checklist of what to do- but hey you'll probably finish in half the time and get to go shopping too.

The King of pentacles? Jovial, relaxed, easy going.....

Queen of swords- clever, quick witted, brutally honest.

As you may be able to guess I'd be happy with any of these

I spot her over in the corner. Eyes wide as she seems slightly startled by what's happening around her. Gazing intently around, but seemingly unable to make a decision.

Till she reaches over and grabs my arm, for no obvious reason, and says "I have a good feeling about you, lets work through this together..."

We sit in a corner, knees touching in an overly intimate manner. She leans in deep, seems to stare right into my eyes and asks me to tell my story.

When I reach the sadder parts tears fall from her eyes, her body subtly changes to match mine, I can't seem to find myself, it's as if her very energy and feelings are mine. I stumble and she reaches out to me "I know" she says.

When it's her time to share her story she shares every feeling, sound, smell, it's as if she is re-living the experience on some level.

We massively over-run, and have to stay after to complete the task. I find it incredibly difficult to keep her focus clear- she seems to get lost in minor details with no sense that I need to leave, head home.

When finally I bring our session to an end there is a moment of panic in her eyes "i can't seem to find my keys" her basket is tipped out on to the floor, a jumbled mess of a disorganized life.

Put simply the Queen of cups biggest problem is lack of boundaries- a common problem with people who are naturally empathetic or that lovely word "sensitive"

I have worked had to have better boundaries, and I find it very frustrating to be with some one who is an over flowing, boundary lacking Queen of cups. Because I know how easy it is to just flow in to that space.

I cover all the court cards in my book "Read the Tarot with confidence" (Minors & court cards) click here to get your copy!

And keep an eye out, I love exploring the court-cards, I'll be writing more soon.

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