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Tarot spread for Samhain

My spread for Samhain (winter's day / Halloween) is really very simple:

Reflection Acceptance Release The first three cards are areas of your life you are asked to reflect on a little more. The second three cards are areas of your life (people/feelings/regrets...) you are reminded to accept. Simple acceptance can be so hard. The final three are things for you to release. They are the things that are not serving you anymore. I am asked to release fear of poverty, expectation of stability and anxiety.

I am asked to reflect on attention to detail (Prince of Pentacles) and trust that magic happens when I trust and take a leap of faith (The Fool). My shamans group was such a massive scary leap of faith, but so very worth while.

If you would like a reading for Samhain, please do get in touch.

Maddy x

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