Working as a Shaman.
"Shaman" is a big word, and can be hard to understand. So let me try and explain what I do, how it could help you, and my personal background.

How can  a shaman healing help you?

“Shaman” it’s a big word, and the work of a shaman is all too often described in complex and shadowy terms. I want to explain how I can help you, through my work as a shaman.


Basically I am working in the non-physical world. I am working with your aura (to remove negative energy, heal, energise and protect), with your chakras, and on a soul level.

Most of us have lived through trauma, loss, fear, or difficult times of one sort or another. These difficulties can leave an imprint in our psyche and soul, almost like an imprint that means we are still affected by the experiences even though they are often long in our past (or sometimes in past lives, or connected with ancestors.

This can leave us with self limiting (or destructive) patterns, anxiety, fears, depression or addictions. As if we are left with traits that we don’t want- but struggle to shake off. It can impact our mental, physical, and emotional health.

I am an “alternative” healer, any work I do is complimentary to whatever you may be receiving from a medical health care professional. I can not set bones, but I can ease the healing and the trauma from the accident!

What can you expect? (Zoom/in person/distance)
There are three ways you can work with me: in person, via Zoom, or distance.
In Person
I work from a caravan in my garden, and we need an hours session (or longer). We'll start with a chat about how I can help you. Then you lie down on the massage table, and simply relax! I may work with my rattle, drum, or tuning forks. Usually I use my gong. You focus on your breath, and relaxing whilst I gong for you. Whilst gonging I journey and do what ever needs doing- then at the end I will chat baout 

What's my background?

Looking to learn more about shamanism?