Shaman Guide- Helping you to connect.


The shamanism I will teach you is a way of connecting - to yourself, to others, the earth, your spirit and animal guides, and to whatever you define as source energy (your higher guidance, God/ess, consciousness, universal energy, etc).


Part of the problem with explaining shamanism is that it does not fit neatly into language, and everyone has a unique experience.

"Shamanism is the practice of reconnecting, healing or bringing balance to all beings who live within the cosmic web of life." 
- Caitlin Mathews


Often when people start practicing shamanism they feel that they are just imagining it all. The line between shamanism and imagination is blurred, as you practice more you will experience validation from your everyday life that helps you to trust the process.


"The commonplace statement 'oh, it's only imagination' is a gross denial of not only the whole realm of the magical but any understanding of how the universe really works. This is where the shaman works; in the realm of cause, in the imagination, the thought or dream realm where all is conceived and of which this familiar third dimension of gross material reality is but a reflection." - Leo Rutherford


Shamanism involves stilling your mind to allow your consciousness to connect on a spiritual level. This is important because we function on several levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The practice of shamanism allows you to connect and work with your spiritual self. Our spiritual self is where our inspiration originates from, which is the source of all our thoughts, imaginings and dreams.

The benefits of shamanism can include...


  • A sense of happiness, deep relaxation and bliss. 

  • Acceptance of yourself, who you have been and who you are.

  • Flashes of insight and wisdom; perhaps gained from spirit guides.

  • Psychic development, understanding that side of yourself better.

  • A deep sense of belonging and friendship as you share the journey with others.

If you would like to work with me there are several options.

You can find all my zoom workshops here

1-2-1 (At my workplace- TN22 5UG, via skype or phone)

You simply book an appointment slot via my online calendar and I will use our time to teach, and guide to best suit your needs. We can create a curriculum to ensure a balanced approach, or we can follow your natural progress and see where it goes.

If you have a friend or partner you would like to learn with please email me to discuss cost- I have discounts available so you can each pay less than my booking rates.

Don't forget is you make use of my packages this can be an in-depth and affordable way to learn.

Circles (At The Barns TN22 5UG, via zoom)

Spiritual practice is called practice- because that is what it takes! Often people ask me "what is the secret to shamanism" the answer is simple- regular practice!

The circle is a place to come together for led drummed meditation (pathworking), or the seidr chant (it will state clearly for each date) and then a chance to share, ask questions, and chat if you want to. 

Perfect if you are curious if it could suit you, if you are keen to share your journey with others, or are a practised shaman and would like someone else to hold the space for you.

Workshops (At The Barns TN22 5UG, via zoom)

These include the drummed meditations, and probably chanting of the circles. With the circles the work takes us where it needs to- it is a free flowing exploration.

With the workshops I will create a structure so the whole workshop is designed with a clear focus.

Many people like to do a mix of circles and workshops- it really is up to you. Each workshop is a complete module, though they fit together to create a cohesive whole. Have a browse of all my workshops- find where you would like to start